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Why Choose Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows For Your Buildings

Hurricanes are the reminder of the importance of being prepared; being prepared for losses, being prepared for costs, being prepared of living the life all again. Basically, there are regions that are prone to natural calamities like hurricanes. These hurricanes are formed over warm waters in the tropical region and wash out villages, cities, and pathways. People who live in the hurricane-prone areas must opt for hurricane impact resistant windows to safeguard themselves.

To begin, these windows are manufactured or constructed using impact-resistant glass. This glass is treated with a PVB (Polyvinyl Butler) layer or EVA. Though this impact-resistant glass may shatter due to a hurricane or a storm; nevertheless, they remain connected to the inner membrane along with the window frame. So, basically when they crack, they don’t send out the glass in flying shards; rather it breaks in a fine pattern like a spider-web. The original hurricane impact resistant windows can be expensive; however, it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially if the region in which you are residing is prone to strong winds. Aluminum, steel, wood, or vinyl frames are generally used for the construction of these windows.

Among these, the strongest is the aluminum or steel frames. However, they need some maintenance on wooden frames, where there is a need for painting them time and again. There are certain glass options as well wherein the lamination is intact with the glass panels. There are various technologies that can be used to make the window panes storm or hurricane resistant.

Pros of Installing Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows

Now, there are a few pros of installing hurricane impact resistant windows in our buildings, though expensive, when looked at the overall cost, they add up to just a few extra sum to the overall construction cost.

– These windows can lower down insurance rates for homeowners by around 45 percent.

– The windows are made to survive strong winds and thereby break safely rather than causing harm and injuries with shattered glass.

– They also help in protecting the interiors by blocking the harmful UV rays.

– They have the endurance to survive up to 200 mph.

– There are a variety of styles and sizes to suit the interiors of the building.

– They have the capability to offer insulation against the harsh sounds of hurricanes or storms.

Besides, there are a few disadvantages as well. For e.g. for a small building or home it might sound fine. But, for a larger building, installing these windows can add a considerable amount of cost. Contact Property Solutions FL which is the one-stop solution for all construction-related requirements.