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Tropical Storm Beryl the Second Storm of 2012 Hurricane Season Can Grow Into A Hurricane

With Hurricane Season still a few days ahead, we are witnessing a second storm of this season which arrived early and if forecasters are to be believed this Tropical Storm Beryl has a high probability of turning into a Hurricane.

The NHC is expecting it to be the first Hurricane of 2012 and it is slated to reach South west Mexico in a day or two. The strengthening of Beryl is expected because of warm waters and upper level winds that can actually strengthen it on its way. The government of Mexico has issued watch over the pacific coast and people there should ensure that their homes are secured with Impact resistance windows and Hurricane shutters.

Tropical Storm Beryl is around 400 miles south of Mexico and is moving forward a speed of six miles per hour North West. The maximum winds of Bud are around seventy miles an hour which is just below the eligibility of hurricane. Torrential rain is expected which might lead to flash flooding. Strong winds and waves can also be an issue. We advise you to plan and be prepared to face it and secure your family.