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All You Need to Know About Hurricane Windows as a First-time User

David resided in a calm and sunny area away from any windy experience all his life. Not been in a situation of facing a hurricane ever. But now after his retirement, he is shifting to this new place, where these windy storms are much likely to occur. With no idea of how hurricanes treat a daily human life.

Sounds familiar to you? Well, this is something very common for people who shift to places like Miami Dade County, Broward, Palm Beach, and Monroe Counties every year.

So, being one of those is going to be a time for new experiences for you as you expose to the hurricane life for the first time. Things like facing severe upsets and damages caused to anything from houses, trees, and outdoor properties may be a common sight. To which there are things for which you cannot much do to protect from the effects of the hurricane. But you have a reasonable choice to protect everything around your life at home going with the right selection of hurricane windows.



With hurricane windows by your side, you can be assured of a high order of safety and great peace of mind. And the more you know about these new friends out there, the better you are going to get along to cope with the situation. So, check out a few facts about hurricane impact resistant windows that you should know to do well against the hurricane. Here you go!

Basic Facts About Hurricane Windows:

Hurricane windows are highly resistant to the impact of hurricanes and severe storms. To assure you of all the safety, this defense is legally bound to survive an impact test with large missiles 2 x 4’ involving wooden beams that travel to the surface at a speed of over 30 MPH. That is something of extreme toughness and strength to deal with the harsh blows of a hurricane. To top that up, these are designed to endure the impact of larger and heavier objects.

The material that generally goes into the making includes heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl for framing, polycarbonate for laminating the tempered glasses and plastic membranes, and polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to bond together the panes. Silicon is used for glazing. And these come together as one in hurricane impact windows to get you a great solution against the mighty hurricanes.

Advantages of Hurricane Resistant Windows

The obvious and immediate advantage of hurricane impact windows is that it saves your house from the harmful impact of the hurricane. Forceful winds with flying debris and hurling objects are blocked on the way with impact-resistant windows safeguarding your openings, saving your life and property from its dreadful effects. Also, it can save the sharp glass of the windows to blow away into pieces and enter your home, which may cause harmful injuries. At a minimum, hurricane impact resistant windows can protect the interior of your home from going for a mess.

Hurricane Windows

Also, hurricane windows are low on maintenance. So, it is mostly just the one-time procurement and installation cost that you need to pay for. These don’t demand any cyclical repairs and touchups. You even don’t need to paint the ones that are built on the vinyl frames. You don’t have to take any extra care of hurricane resistant windows. Just wiping them off once in a while, as you do it for other regular windows, is all that needs to be done to maintain your hurricane windows.

Various Hurricane Impact Window Options

While you make a choice of glass for hurricane impact windows, you have many thickness categories to select from. If it has to be used in an area that receives gale-force winds with objects hurling and hitting surfaces with high impact, a heavy-duty laminated glass window is needed. If the conditions are moderate, tempered glass windows should be ideal.

There are even the energy-efficient options available that come with various glass coatings to get you the needed protection from heat as well as save energy. These hurricane windows have glass coatings that reduce the effect of heating and keep the temperature inside the house restrained so you spend less on electricity bills. Others have the property to don’t let the UV light get in and minimize the fading and glaring effect of the windows. So, they remain in the best of their shape for long.

Styles and designs that suit your choice

So, do you think hurricane windows are all big and bulky? That’s not true. Opposite to this popular belief, hurricane impact windows are available in various styles and design options to go with the look and feel of your house.

hurricane impact windows

Just like you get to deploy the regular windows in various presentation formats and display options, you have the choices available with hurricane windows as well. So, you can have these in different colors, sizes, and designs to go with your trait of architecture. While keeping you all in control of your theme going with a preferred style of choice for a hurricane window that complements your exteriors well.

To Conclude

These are a few facts about hurricane windows that can help you with choosing yours, as you take up to your hurricane adventures for the first time. Just be ready with your homework and talk to an expert to get you through with the best options suiting your case and you will get the most value and great results with it.