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Worst Natural Disasters of the Year 2012

Widespread rumors of world ending in December 2012 were apparently put to an end as December passed by. However, the previous year did witness numerous big natural disasters throughout the world. Let’s have a glance on those natural calamities which literally claimed precious lives of lot of people and literally made a huge adverse impact on the economic growth of various nations.

Hurricane Sandy:

It did turn out to be one of the biggest and one of the deadliest hurricanes in the history of the US. It not only did cripple the routine of the millions of US citizens but caused havoc on a large scale. More than 100 lives were claimed and millions of people were forced to manage without proper shelter, food, electricity, transportation and communication facilities for few days. Buildings without hurricane shutters were damaged and there was widespread loss of property.

Nilam Cyclone:

Tamil Nadu coast in India did witness the fury of a cyclone in the month of November, previous year. This cyclone was given a name called ‘Nilam’. More than 200 schools were converted into temporary relief centers and citizens were forced to live without electricity for a long time.

Philippines typhoon:

Philippines will never forget previous year as it did turn out to be one of the most deadly years for the nation. This typhoon claimed more than 900 lives and ruined more than 100,000 homes.

Indonesia earthquake:

Earthquakes are not new for Indonesia. Previous year also, this nation had to witness jolt of an earthquake that was believed to be at a depth of 96 miles.

Myanmar earthquake:

Myanmar had an extremely difficult time as an earthquake did hit. Many lives were claimed by it, so many people went missing and numerous buildings were also destroyed.

Uttarakashi flash flood:

A beautiful and serene Uttarakashi turned into a chaotic place when floods, landslides and roaring cloudbursts badly scared the people out there. Uttarakashi was disconnected from the rest of the places of Uttarakhand and lots of pilgrims were stuck up in their mid way.

Iran earthquake:

Two intense earthquakes rocked Iran and claimed more than 200 lives and injured more than 1000 people. More than hundred villages were badly trampled.

Assam floods:

When floods lashed out in Assam in July, it not only did prove to be fatal for human beings but it also did prove to be fatal for the animals including hog deer, rhinos, elephants, etc.

Beijing flood:

A flood hit Beijing forced millions of people to vacate their homes. Almost around 100 lives were claimed by flood waters and made a dent in the economy by causing loss of about US $1.6 billion. This flood destroyed minimum 8.200 houses.

Pakistan flood:

Floods added more woes to this Asian nation in the month of August by killing more than 400 people and badly affected the lives of more than five million.

Thus, previous year may have discarded Mayan belief but it is easy to make out that probably Mayans were not that wrong in prediction that 2012 would prove to be a fatal year for humanity.