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Window Shopping Primer: Single Hung Windows for New Homes

Homeowners always had a fascination for windows and sky views. The clear windows make the world look all the more real. However, things get very awry during the rains when the locality they live in is lashed by thunderstorms and hurricanes. Living in a closed house when the winds are blowing at 100 miles per hour outside is a very comforting feeling. However, that safety relies so much more on the quality of doors and windows.

Thankfully, the best architects recommend installing the top grade impact windows and hurricane resistant doors.  While most homeowners have no clue that there are special doors and windows. There are many more who are not even aware of installing a high-quality wooden frame for their windows. Cheap work always magnifies into additional expenses in the long run.

Imagine the horror when the installed windows and doors give away when the hurricane strikes.

This article is about installing hurricane resistant impact windows for new homes without any hassle.

1.  Why go for single hung windows:

As the name suggests, single hung windows have a single bottom frame that can be operated. The top portion is fixed. The user can’t open the fixed portion and hence it gives a better stability to the whole frame. The single hung impact resistant windows could be made of clear glass or fiberglass. There are latest additions to the family of single hung windows wherein the frames can be adjusted to open both ways. If you have pets in the family, you can keep the lower frame fixed and the upper one operational.

2.  Why opt for single hung windows:

Multi-storied homes usually have single hung windows on their ground floors. House owners who prefer to stay away from the sun without compromising on the ventilation opt for single hung windows. Budget wise, these windows are cheaper than sliding and double-hung windows. Operation wise, the single hung windows are easier to operate and clean. Owing to the presence of fewer fixed and stable parts compared to other impact window varieties, single hung windows last longer than the rest.

3.  Perks of installing single hung windows:

Thanks to cutting edge technology available to window and door manufacturers, homeowners can sleep in peace and travel away from home worry-free. The single hung windows exemplify the strength of windows in every possible way. Built from quality wood, aluminum or vinyl polymers, the single hung windows are available in a variety of natural and synthetically derived materials. For homes fitted with HVAC systems, installing a single hung window can easily cut down on energy cost by 15% to 35%, depending on the size of the house.

Ventilation is not compromised. With added tinting and one-way perspective glasses, the single hung windows offer the highest privacy to the resident. They are not just air-tight, waterproof structures but also provide 100% noise free ambience.

Available in multiple sizes, single hung windows can be easily installed and replaced owing to simple, hassle free procedure.