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Role of ultra modern technology in assessing hurricanes

Rise in natural calamities have alarmed weather scientists. Even worldwide people are beginning to realize that nature is no more in a mood to tolerate its indiscriminate exploitation. Especially, rise in hurricanes have alarmed developed economies through causing them financial loss of whopping sum of money. In addition to causing financial loss, such powerful storms have claimed numerous lives. Assessing intensity of such storms has indeed come to become the need of the hour. Due to the same reason, various leading environmental agencies are striving to put their best foot forward for assessing the same. Recently, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) did launch underwater drones inside the Atlantic Ocean, in order to analysis diverse aspects of environment of ocean. All have known it that a powerful storm is created inside an ocean. Therefore, without launching drones inside sea environment, it is not possible to understand about those various factors that ultimately lead to the creation of a storm.

How hurricanes are assessed?

Hurricane Panel
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Unmanned gliders are also competent of playing crucial role in providing utmost valuable information related to storms. Such kind of advanced vehicles are powered by cutting-edge technology. They travel effortlessly underwater, in order to keep track on sea temperatures and patterns related to aquatic migration. Apart from that, they are also capable of representing ocean column via 3D imagery. Not merely analysis prior to the formation of storm can be revealed through such advanced tools, but they also allow observers to see that what happens inside ocean during and post hurricane.

What tools are used to assess hurricanes?

Hurricane Measurement

There may have been various tools to assess storm possibility and intensity, but those tools were devoid of cutting-edge technology. It is no exaggeration to say that introduction of unmanned glider brought revolution in weather forecasting. Such glider neither requires engine nor does it require presence of any human. It can sustain under water for prolonged time. You may be surprised to know that it is also competent of traveling thousands of miles. As far as current gliders fleet is concerned, it is meant for three diverse kinds of missions. Those missions include providing sets of data in real time related to ocean column, tracking migration patterns of ocean species, etc. There is certainly no denial to the fact that forecasting of hurricane related intensity is still in initial stages despite of being equipped with ultra modern technology. There is still ample of scope for improvement, provided researchers gain inkling about those crucial facets that also play role in creating storm.

Two years before, gliders did provide effective results during Hurricane Irene. They not merely did survive hurricane, but efficiently collected valuable information related to condition of ocean prior to, during and post storm. Well that itself goes onto prove that investment on such gliders certainly fetch impressive returns. To put it into a nutshell, when gliders lanced up with ultra sophisticated technology of global hawks and gliders will be blended together, researchers can be assured about breakthrough in assessing hurricanes. Till then, citizens should be encouraged to install hurricane shutters. Such shutters are not only meant to provide protection to valuable lives, but they are also meant to minimize damages to property. Hurricane shutters are available in various materials, colors and price ranges, and hence one need not slog hard in order to find the most suitable shutter type.