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Top 5 Tips for maintenance of Storm Resistant Impact Windows

Safety of the impact windows used as storm resistant structures are ought to be kept clean and well maintained. Regular updates on the health of the impact windows can help you relieve the stress associated with the recurring damages incurred due to the hurricanes, hails, damage by kids hurling things and even break-ins. Most impact windows manufacturers ensure that the owners are briefed about the cleanliness and safety regime associated with these exquisite structures. The scratch-free delivery and installation process can be prolonged by using the maintenance manual offered by the manufacturer.

The durability and strength of the impact windows are tested when the home faces hurricane winds blowing at a speed of over 150 miles per hour. Resistance to swaying and bending of the impact windows can be prevented if the bolts are properly tightened right in the beginning when they are being installed.

We tell you 5 tips on how to manage the maintenance regime of the Storm resistant impact windows.

1. Check if there is any irregularity in the coating of the glass:

Most impact windows come with a special shield coating that prevents the hurled objects from penetrating into the interiors. Check if there is wear and tear on the surface. The coating on the glass also prevents the harmful Ultra-violet rays from entering the house. Any irregularity in the coating provided over the impact windows can lead to ailments and tanning. Replace the entire coating shield over the glass with a new film.

2. Remove the dirt from the frame

Always keep a check on the dirt and dust that accumulates on the frame. The grime and dirt that gets deposits in the space between frame and the glass can weaken the structure. Moreover, the dusts actually solidify over a period of time leading to cracks around the edges. It can also lead to structural failure of the frame in the long run. The biggest culprit you must worry about is the rainwater. Check if the frames have openings for water to drip away.

3. Dry clean the sealants and gaskets:

Never use water or fluid disinfectants to wipe the sealants and gaskets of the impact windows. The storm-resistant impact windows can be cleaned using blow drying and vacuuming. Ensure that the pressure of vacuuming is not too high to blow away the coating of the glass. If you are using a liquid medium, ensure that the cleaning solution is mild and non-corrosive in nature.

4. Don’t use scrappers over the surface:

If your impact windows are stained by oil, grease, paint or bird guano, don’t use scrappers to wipe them off. If you don’t have a cloth, use newspaper soaked in the diluted solution of lime water or vinegar. It will remove all the stains. Using scrappers can cause scratches and damage the glass coating as well. Also, you can use sponge for cleaning the surface. For paints, dab a little vinegar on the spot and wipe it off immediately.

5. Don’t cover the glasses with extra film:

Use the impact windows with the films provided by the manufacturers and not with any other mediocre item. Changing the structural appearance may leave the structure in a weak state.