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Top 5 Tips to Choose Best Company for Buying Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

Impact resistant windows and doors provide ultimate security from devastating hurricane and storms. These apart from providing foolproof security, enhance the aesthetics of your home. A house fitted with impact resistant windows and doors are easy to sell and offer excellent resale value. Here we are going to reveal top five tips to help you get best company for buying and installing impact resistant windows and doors.

1.  Ask for Big Discount:

Get the storm impact resistant windows installed before the storm season starts.  It is quite possible that you will get very good discount in the off season. If the company is not offering discount then ask for it. Once the storm season approaches, the price of impact doors and windows may go up significantly.

Impact Resistant Windows & Doors
2.  Check At least Five Reference:

Well, almost all the companies claim that they provide excellent after sale service. Some of them will even make you read testimonials of clients on their official web page. Don’t fall into a trap. The best way to verify is to read customer reviews in various forms. Even you can ask contact numbers of clients who have bought the product from the company. Call them up, ask them about the product and service. Don’t forget to ask them when did they got it installed. This questions is of significant importance because if the person has got the window installed recently then surely you are going to get a positive review. Give importance to reviews of people who have bought the product at least one year ago. It will give you a clear picture of the company’s product and service.

3.  Get All In Writing:

Good companies offer work contracts in written. It includes details about the free service, validity of the warrantee and cost of material chargeable (if any). Make sure the company you are planning to buy the impact windows and doors for your home/offices is giving you a detailed contract. It will save you from any service related issues later on.

Hurricane Impact Resistant Windows & Doors
4.  Ensure Company has Physical Address:

There are lots of companies offering storm resistant windows, doors and shutters in the market. Try to search online about the company that is near to place you are living. Remember physical address is of utmost importance. It gives authenticity that company really exits. A lot of cases have appeared recently where the customers have found themselves trapped after finding that the company doesn’t have physical existence. It is of utmost important when you will need service and maintenance of your impact windows and doors.

Hurricane Impact Door

5.  Don’t Part With More Than 25% Up Front:

Don’t make more than 20% upfront payment. In case, your property is big and has lot of impact resistant doors and windows to be installed then set up retention payment. It will help you to monitor the quality of work and making payment after inspecting the quality of work after each phase.