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Things to do before the hurricane season arrives

Hurricanes are proving to be the worst nightmares for the people, who live in hurricane prone areas. It has been observed that the frequency and intensity of hurricanes both have increased over past few years. Hurricanes are gradually becoming more deadly and destructive. A prudent strategy suggests that it is better to be on guards instead of waiting for a time until a hurricane warning is issued. If you are interested in knowing that how the damages of hurricanes may be minimized and what are those tasks that you need to accomplish prior to the appearance of hurricanes, here read on:

Things to do before the hurricane season arrives

Prune the length of trees and bushes: The maximum threat to precious assets and especially a house, is posed by the flying debris. Generally, it is the branches of the trees and bushes that add on to the flying debris and make that debris more destructive. Besides that, after a hurricane, the branches of trees and bushes may increase the chances of accidental fall or hurt. Thus, pruning the length of the trees and bushes on a weekly basis can minimize the chances of mishap, to a great extent during the time of powerful storms.

Dispose useless household items: A garage may be the least attractive area of your living house, but at the time of the emergency, a garage area can prove to be a reliable store for storing your precious vehicles or another important items. It does make sense to ensure disposing of useless household items on regular basis so that when you need to park your expensive vehicles inside a garage, you don’t run out of time due to clearing the clutter of your garage.

Have a flawless evacuation plan: Planning regarding the temporary location to stay during the hurricanes is another prudent strategy to minimize the threats to the lives of the family members including self. A temporary location should be well equipped with basic amenities including, food packets, water, first-aid box, and most importantly, hurricane shutters must be installed at this place.

Apart from applying the above-mentioned techniques, you also need to ensure avoiding a serious blunder that is often committed by the majority of the people. That blunder is trying to clear debris to make space for vehicles or trying to clear the stock of trash items in a garage. These two serious mistakes can increase the chances of mishap to a great extent. Try to get shelter in an alternative location, planned by you in advance, before it gets too late. Avoiding temptation towards your valuable belongings, swanky vehicles and your beautiful house is the most appropriate thing to keep in mind during the time of powerful storms. During former incidents of powerful storms, many residents could not avoid the temptation and they kept themselves indulged in the tasks of clearing tree limbs, cleaning the clutter of the garbage and cleaning the debris for ensuring safe parking for their swanky vehicles. When they found that hurricane is on the verge of hitting their homes, by that time, it was too late for them to run away from that place to a safe location.