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Brilliant Design Ideas of Hurricane-Proof Homes

In the wake of frequent hurricanes, it has become imperative for the people to construct hurricane proof homes and for the architects and home designers to come up with hurricane proof home designs. Thinking of a home design that can withstand the impact of hurricane is certainly no walk in the park but time has […]


How to Maintain Hurricane Shutters!

Storm shutters have certainly emerged as an effective way to minimize the damages of powerful storms and hurricanes but not much people gain expert knowledge various aspects of the shutters before buying them. As far as maintenance of the shutters is concerned, in this aspect also, very few people try to gain required knowledge. Few […]


Hurricane Shutters–How to Gear up for the next Hurricane Season?

As hurricane seasons approaches people constantly listen to radio and watch television, so they can be updated with slightest climatic change. People residing in storm prone region are aware of the severity of storm and what destruction it may cause. It is important to guard home against the tropical storms if the home is safe […]


Choose hurricane protection product as per requirement

For safety of houses against hurricanes, there is a range of hurricane protection products available in the market which satisfies Florida Building Code (FBC) standards. The FBC approves TAS methods for testing as per the Miami-Dade County norms. The shutters developed with TAS testing can be used in High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) in Florida. […]


Choosing the right hurricane shutter for your home made easy

Choosing the right hurricane shutter will not only give the right protection, these will also step up the looks of the house. There are many options available and all confirm with the Florida Building Code standards. But which one to choose is surely an uphill task and largely depends on your lifestyle and your preference. […]


Hurricane Shutters-buy one that protects not only the house but looks as well

Hurricane is a mess and it messes everything that comes in its way. But you can protect your home with the help of hurricane shutters. Being as guards outside your house, these fight with the flying debris and strong winds and deter them from entering your house. Thus the shutters have become an essential part […]


Hurricane Shutters are on the Front-line in Storm Defense

If strong wind gets in your home, it places intense pressure on walls and can lead to a roof collapse. BY MIMI WHITEFIELD – Miami Herald If your home isn’t secured with a shutter system, now is the time to move this item to the top of your to-do list. Shutters are important not only […]


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