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A Study OF Hurricane Resistant Entry Doors and Its Importance

A recent study conducted stated that Florida accounts for majority of the sales for hurricane resistant entry door. The severe weather in Florida and many other states of USA makes it essential on part of home owners to protect their homes with hurricane proof glass doors. As increasing numbers of people have become aware of the dangers and destruction hurricanes can bring, the numbers of installations have increased. Apart from protecting from the heavy storms and winds, these doors also play a great role in offering protection against harmful UV rays, invasions, annoying noises and even rising insurance fees.

Strict Building Codes:

The building codes for doors and windows are strict in Florida. Moreover, the stringency is also increasing along the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf of Mexico. It is not surprising to note that Hawaii has also joined the list of states that require doors and windows with qualities of storm protection. Over the last few years, the building codes have become stricter. Consequently, the rise in demand has pushed the manufacturers to increase their offerings in the product category of hurricane and storm resistance. Hence, the market range for different kinds of impact product continues to expand.

Features Of The Doors:

Most of the hurricane resistant entry doors are designed in such a way so that they have a solid structural integrity. This in turn gives it the desired strength for withholding the force of about 2×4 hitting at an approximate speed of 34 mph. The insulating glass attached with the doors can be used in wide varieties of seasons, thereby saving costs of energy. Most of these doors also qualify for Energy Star ratings. These come with a wooden exterior for flexible color options. The interior jamb liners can be painted or stained.

hurricane resistant entry doors
These doors are extremely beneficial for homes located in the hurricane and tornado prone area. They create a safer environment, thereby protecting homes and families. The insurance companies have also started providing discounting policy rates for those homes that have installed the resistant doors and windows. These are even available with different glazing options so that they can withstand the harshest elements of nature. They even meet and exceed the residential code requirements.

Check The Different Glazing Options:

As mentioned, there are different glazing options. Series DP is designed with enhanced pressure performance, Series IP is meant to deliver impact resistance and superior thermal performance, Series MP offers maximum protection from the harsh forces of hurricanes. These glass products are tested and certified so that they can withstand the forces of hurricane easily. Insurance companies also recommend the use of these products in some selective markets. These might not always go by the code, but by using particular products.

hurricane resistant windows
The hurricane resistant windows and doors are safer compared to the ordinary glass doors. There is no chance for a child to be playing around these doors and get hurt by falling. Even if these are broken, they stay together, and the laminated glass contained can easily block the UV rays.