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Storm Panels

Miami Beach Accordion Shutters & Storm Protection Solutions

Don’t be unprepared when the next hurricane or tropical storm arrives! Protect your home and business with proven and certified protection systems.

During a hurricane, the major casualties are caused by flying debris that finds its way into your home through windows and doors. Our expert team at Property Solutions has over 15 years of experience providing high-quality products and services for all of your storm protection needs, including reinforcements for your home like storm windows and shutters.

We offer a complete range of storm protection solutions including Accordion Shutters, Impact Windows, Impact Doors, Hurricane Proof Garage Doors, and Storm Panels.

Our Accordion Shutters are approved by the Florida Building Code and the Miami Dade Building Code – the toughest code in Florida.

Depending upon your installation requirements, accordion shutters can be installed with both permanent and removable tracks. They are perfect for protecting large areas and easily fit into your existing architectural design.

Our high Impact doors and windows are aesthetically designed to match the exterior of your home. They offer style, quality, and affordability. They provide complete protection with high-security standards.

Our storm panels are made of polycarbonate or corrugated metal that securely gets locked to provide maximum coverage. You can pick between horizontal and vertical arrangements depending upon your home’s architectural setting. With the see-through polycarbonate material, your home will have ample lighting and view.

Our hurricane proof garage doors are manufactured to last a lifetime. They have a wind load reinforcement system to withstand high-wind conditions. All our products are quality-tested in real-time to give you the best value on your investment. With aesthetically pleasing installations, exceptional customer service, and best market warranty, we work to the satisfaction of our client.

To know more about our storm protection solutions in Miami Beach, contact our experts now. Protect your home from the next storm before it’s too late.


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