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Severe thunderstorms and hurricanes can destroy your property and cause serious injuries to your loved ones. Debris flying through the wind can break windows and doors, opening an entryway for high winds. While we have no control over these natural catastrophes, we can certainly reduce its impact by being more aware of the danger and taking effective storm protection measures.

At Property Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of hurricane protection products including Accordion Shutters, Impact Doors, Impact Garage Doors, Impact Windows and Hurricane Panels to secure your home against the effects of hurricanes.

Our Accordion Shutters are approved by the toughest code in the country – Miami Dade Building Code, as well as the Florida Building Code.

We offer the best warranty on our Accordion Shutters against any material defects and installation flaws. Our Shutters are built with high-quality material offering maximum security and strength. They come in both permanent and removable tracks with customizable widths and heights.

Our storm panels are made of light yet very strong aluminum for high durability. These panels are designed keeping in mind the necessary safety building codes and requirements. You can choose between vertical and horizontal arrangements. The panels overlap each other for a stronger and impact resistant solution.

Windows and doors are the two most common entry points for strong winds. Our Impact Windows and Doors protect your home from powerful hurricane winds. Designed aesthetically, they do not interfere with the existing architectural design of your home. They also protect your home from UV rays, external noises, thieves, etc.

Our Hurricane Proof Garage Doors look great on the exterior of your home and have an efficient wind load reinforcement system that can withstand high-wind conditions. Our products can resist up to category 5+ winds.

All our hurricane protection solutions – whether it is Accordion Shutters, Impact Windows or Garage Doors, all our products are rated A for storm protection. You will get the best value out on your investment with our storm protection products.

If you are looking for more information on storm protection products in Fort Lauderdale Florida, you can contact our team now.

Protect your family and property from hurricanes and storms before the next storm arrives.


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