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Storm Panels

Accordion Shutters & Impact windows in Aventura

At Property Solutions, our goal is to protect your household from the heavy bouts of rains and winds during a hurricane. We provide the best storm protection solutions in Florida which are specifically designed to keep your house and loved ones safe.

Hurricanes can drastically destroy your home. Strong winds can break windows or garage doors allowing wind and water into your house.

Many of the casualties found after a hurricane are caused by flying metal objects and debris into the house. Traditional windows and doors are not strong enough to resist hurricane winds or flying debris.

Storm protecting your house provides you peace of mind knowing that your property and loves one will be protected during a storm.

Our accordion shutters offer maximum strength and protection. They are designed to withstand up to category 5 winds and are approved by the Florida and Miami Dade Building codes.

Our high impact doors and windows offer style and protection against hurricanes. Impact front doors are preferred to hurricane shutters since they are more aesthetic pleasing.

These impact windows and doors not only act as storm protectors but also safeguard your home from harmful UV rays, help conserve energy and make the inside of your home quieter from external noise.

We are known for our professional, durable and competitively priced, impact windows, storm panels and hurricane shutters that are real time tested.

From storm panels, impact doors and windows to garage doors and other hurricane protection solutions, we have you covered.

We have been serving South Florida since 2004.

All our hurricane protection solutions are rated in ‘A’ category and approved by the Florida Building Code. We offer our customers the best value on their investment by using high-quality material, experienced personnel, aesthetic installations, warranty, price competitiveness, and exceptional customer service.

If you are looking for a storm protection solution in Aventura, FL, Property Solutions is your one-stop destination.

Contact our team now and get your property ready for when the next storm comes!


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