Many cities, including Pembroke Pines in South East Florida, have experienced strong hurricane winds in the past. It has been a fortunate event that during the last few years all the storms that have reached the US have not seriously affected Pembroke Pines. However, with all the climate changes that have been occurring over the last few years, it is almost certain that sooner or later, Pembroke Pines will be visited by a hurricane. Procrastinating on getting prepared for such event might end up being a costly mistake. Fitting your home with proper storm protection is the best way to keep safe at home during a storm.

If you are considering effective and reliable storm protection for you home, count on our company to provide you with the most effective, best quality and aesthetically pleasing storm protection at a competitive price.

What makes us different from other companies in the market?

Quality – We take our job seriously. Someone’s life can depend on it. We only use US material in the fabrication of our products. All material used is Dade County and Florida Building Code Approved We do not use material from China or South America in an effort to cut corners, save on cost and increase profits.

Aesthetic pleasing installations: Minimizing the impact of your shutters on the esthetics of your home is very important to us. We pay special attention to make sure that when manufacturing our products, we do it in a way that least intrudes on the esthetics of your house. Every single shutter we manufacture is specifically manufactured for a specific window. Some companies use what is called a “general cutting approach” to save on labor. Doing this makes their installations more intrusive to the way your house looks. The installation of the shutters is just as important. We spend the extra time to make sure that your shutters are not only installed to comply with the building code but also to comply with an “visual” check to make sure they are as least impacting on the way your house looks.

Warranty: We stand behind our products by offering our customers a warranty on our products and installation for as long as they own their properties

Excellent customer service: We believe in providing our customers the best experience when doing business with us. From the moment they first call our office to the moment when a project is completed, we want our customers to be happy enough to pass positive feedback about our business along to others. We educate our customers in the best option for their project so they can make the best decision, regardless if they intent to purchase from us or not. We firmly believe that helping others, even if there is no immediate profit, is one of the pillars of good human behavior and excellent customer service.

Environmentally concern: We believe in fulfilling the social responsibility of the business towards the environment. We have processes in place to minimize the impact on the environment from our operations.

Value for your money: We offer our customers the best value on their investment by providing a quality product, a professional and esthetically pleasing installation, great customer service all delivered at a competitive price.