Hurricane Shutters, Impact Windows & Doors FAQs

Quality made accordion shutters do not need any maintenance. Using a silicone lubricant on all the folding blades that make up an accordion hurricane shutter will make the shutter close and open easily but the effort that this entails is not really worth the benefit.

Since accordion shutters do not get used that often, they become a bit harder to open and close but applying a bit more strength when operating them is all it takes.

Your accordion shutters should come with a protective cover on the locks. This will prevent dirt and water from getting inside the lock making the lock inoperable.

The lock should be the only part of an accordion shutter that you should lube once a year. Applying a silicone lubricant inside the lock keyhole and locking and unlocking the lock a couple of times is all it takes to ensure the locks in your accordion shutters will stay trouble-free for years to come.

If you are inland, at least once per year. A cleaning and inspection of operation is recommended prior to hurricane season and after hurricane season. If you are less than 2 blocks from the coast, you shall clean a minimum of 4 times per year. You can simply clean the tracks and spray them with fresh water.

A quality made accordion shutter should be made of aluminum and galvanized steel hardware. These elements do not rust. In addition to how the shutters are built, the company you hire to perform the installation of your hurricane shutters should only use galvanized hardware keeping your accordion shutters rust free.

Quality shutters are made of aluminum extrusions which are professionally painted at the aluminum factory. This powder-coated applied paint ensures that the shutter paint will not peel off or fade when exposed to the elements, especially the harsh sun of South Florida. Spray or brush applied paint will peel off and fade making your shutters an eyesore on your property.

The answer is a big NO. Removing your accordions once they have been installed compromises the strength of the installation. Professional painters are familiar with painting properties with accordion shutters installed and should be able to still perform a professional job without having to remove your accordions.

If it is absolutely necessary to remove and reinstall your accordions, do hire a professional shutter company to perform this work. They will ensure that the reinstallation is made without compromising the protection strength of your accordion hurricane shutters.

The practical answer is yes. To avoid any issues and headaches with your Home Owners Association, apply for their approval. The process is pretty straight forward. You need to request an Architectural form which a lot of times you can just download form your HOA web site.

It is a one-page document where they ask some basic questions such as your name, address and what it is that you are doing.

Submit this form along with the liability and workers compensation insurance of the company you have selected to do the work. You will also need to submit their license and a brief description of the shutters to be installed along and the color you have selected. The company you selected should give you all this information.

Yes. Contact your insurance agent to find out what is required from your current insurance to obtain the discount. Most times you will be required to produce a wind mitigation report that proves that you do have storm protection devices at your home or business.

To obtain a wind mitigation report just do a search in Google and hire a local company to perform the inspection and produce the report. As long as your shutters are code approved the inspection will reveal this and allow you to qualify for the insurance discount.

A wind mitigation report looks at your roof as well and depending on how your roof was installed you may qualify for additional insurance discounts.

The key on getting your wind mitigation discount on your home owner’s insurance is to make sure that ALL openings; windows and doors, are either hurricane-proof or you have code approved hurricane shutters protecting those openings. This includes your garage door. Having one small opening that is not protected will disqualify you from getting the insurance discount.
The average price for a wind mitigation inspection is $100

Yes although very unlikely. If your accordion shutters are hit really hard by flying debris they can bend or come off the tracks making them inoperable. You will be required to have the affected shutter removed, repaired and reinstalled so it can be ready for the next storm.

Yes, you should make sure the company you have selected will pull the proper building permits. This will ensure that the work is being done according to code and avoid any issues down the road with your building department municipality.

The company you select should take care of the entire process and provide you with proof that the building inspection(s) has been approved and that the permit has been closed.

You must sign a building permit application, a notice of commencement and some other documents depending on the city where your property is located. These documents along with the product engineering drawings and wind load calculations will be presented to the city building department for approval before beginning the work.

After city reviews and approves the project, they will issue an approved permit and work can commence.

Upon completion, your municipality will be notified and a final inspection will take place. A representative from the company will meet the city inspector who will review the job. Once the city inspector approves the job, the permit will be closed and the project is completed.

Inspections for impact windows or doors require that someone be home so the city inspector can have access to the property.

We recommend obtaining two or three estimated from different companies that service your area. This way you can ask questions, compare prices, reputation and longevity and decide which company is the best fit to do your project and offers you the best value.

With our company, we will make an appointment to meet at your property at a day and time that is convenient for you.

One of our professionals will take dimensions and examine your existing windows and doors.

We will provide you with a written estimate and explain the different options and financial vehicles that are available to meet your desired goal.

Our products are all custom manufactured to your exact specifications. We will sell to you directly, however by choosing to install the products yourself you are forfeiting our products’ warranty.

Our warranty is of tremendous value, and when you add up all the additional hidden costs associated with installing our products, you will realize that the additional cost incurred when our professional technicians install your products is very small, around 10% of the value of the project.

This is an important financial and home protection investments you must take enough time to do your research prior to selecting a company or product. A well-known brand is not always the best choice when it comes to storm protection, getting the best value is.

You should look for some important things before making a purchase decision.

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What are the warranties on materials and labor?
  • What are the installation techniques being used?
  • What are the specifications of the glass and frames being used?
  • What re the design pressures of the products being installed?

A quality storm protection product is only as good as the way it is installed

If hit hard with flying debris, impact windows will shatter. Once this happens you will need to have the glass replaced. The cost of replacing the glass on an impact window or door is based upon the size of the glass.

We have competitively priced our products in the market. We are neither the lowest nor the highest priced. Where we do have an edge is in our ability to provide the best value.

We provide the best value by giving you high-quality products that are competitively priced, professionally installed coped with the most comprehensive warranty in the market and excellent customer service.

The simply answer is ask. The company you are considering should have no problem making available to you the proper paperwork that proves that the products to be installed at your property are Building Code Approved.

Some municipality building departments require specific engineering in order to design and install storm protection devices at your property. This is more common in residences that are above three stories and multi-family units such as apartments and condominiums. It ensures that the storm protection devices to be installed at your building are suited to offer the proper high winds storm protection.

If you are inland, at least once per year. Cleaning and inspection of operation is recommended prior to hurricane season and after hurricane season. If you are less than 2 blocks from the coast, you shall clean a minimum of 4 times per year. You can simply clean the tracks and spray them with fresh water.

Yes. There are several very attractive financial vehicles available to finance your storm protection project. Contact us to find out which options will work best for you.

By installing Solar Panels on your property, you can save considerably on your electric bill while protecting yourself from potential electric rate increases. The system could produce enough savings to pay for itself over time. Once the system is paid off, your potential savings could increase even more.

Solar power has many environmental and social benefits. By adopting solar panels for your home or business, you will be reducing your carbon footprint which in turns contributes to reducing global warming.
You will also be contributing to our decreasing our pendency on fossil fuels which will lessen political and social turmoil around the globe associated with oil.
Natural energy sources like solar panels help reduce air pollutants that are major causes of health problems.

The best way is to go online to your FPL portal and get a twelve-month average of your electricity consumption and payments. You will find this information on the FPL dashboard. This information will aid in properly designing a solar system that will replace your electricity bill.

Net metering is a process through which your electricity company credits you on the electricity that your solar panels produce. A special meter is installed at your property as part of the solar energy system project. When your solar panels produce more electricity that you consume, the electrical meter turns backwards. When your panels produce less than what you are consuming, at night, for example, your meter turns forward.

The difference between what your panels produce and what you consume is calculated monthly and the proper bill is sent to you for payment. At the end of the year, your electric company will conduct a true-up of the energy produced and the energy consumed and if credit is owed because your solar system produced more than what you consumed, a credit in the form of a check will be issued.

It is important to note that FPL does not allow solar panel systems to be designed where they will overproduce based on your consumption history. Getting approval from FPL to install a solar panels system on your property is a definite requirement for your solar energy project to take place.

For tax assessment purposes, your property value will not increase therefore your real state taxes will not increase because you installed solar panels on your roof.

Property market value, however, will increase Studies conducted by Zillow found that houses with solar panels sell faster and on average by 5% higher than houses without solar panels.

Solar energy panels absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into direct current or electricity. Most of the homes and businesses run on alternating electricity, so the DC electricity generated by your solar panels is first passed through an inverter to convert it into usable AC electricity that can be used to power your home or business.

The amount of power your solar panels can generate depends on the sunlight. Consequently, solar panels produce less energy when the sky is cloudy and no energy at night.

In Florida Solar panels are connected to the electrical grid. This helps you to draw electricity from the grid when your panels are not producing any power or not enough for what you are consuming. Also, any extra power produced by the panels can go back to the grid. Your panels can work without the grid if the system was designed with a battery. Battery technology for solar however is still expensive to the point where it does not make financial sense to use batteries and is much more cost-effective to connect your system to the power gird.

That all depends on how much power your solar panels produce, how much power you consume and what your financial goals are with a new solar energy system.

A system can be designed to offset all your electricity bill however you would still be receiving a bill for the interconnection to the grid. This bill can range between $10-15 on average.

In Florida, if your solar panel energy system is connected to the grid, it will immediately shut-off if there is a blackout. This will prevent emergency responders and electricity repair personnel from receiving any accidental shocks by the electricity being feedback on the electrical lines from your solar panels.

You can, however, design the system to have batteries that when charged will provide back-up power when the grid is out. This design will consider isolating the electrical grid from the battery backed-up solar energy system.

Solar energy systems are made up of durable tempered glass and are essentially maintenance free for 25 to 35 years on average. You don’t even need to clean your panels regularly. In case anything happens, most equipment manufacturers provide warranties. Warranty terms will vary from company to company so make sure to find out what maintenance is offered by the company you are considering having your solar panels installed.

If you have a monthly electric bill, going solar might be a great alternative to power your home and produce your own electricity while saving on your electric bill.

The system could produce enough savings to pay for itself over time. Once the system is paid off, your potential savings could increase even more.

With the over whelming adoption of renewable energies, many companies are now providing financing schemes to promote the use of natural and sustainable sources of energy.

Significant federal tax incentives are also in place to reduce the cost of going solar.

Please consult your tax adviser regarding your individual tax situation and income tax credit eligibility.

The great majority of roofs are fit to install a solar panel system. A roof survey must be conducted prior to final design to ensure that the space and orientation in your roof are adequate for installing a system that is designed for performance and longevity.

The ideal size of your solar energy system will largely depend on how much electricity you consume on a monthly basis, how much of that consumption you want to offset and what your financial goals are. Your past electricity bills can easily equip you with enough knowledge about your daily electricity consumption. You should compare offers from licensed and pre-screened companies to find out the best system and best value offered to meet your needs.

Solar panels are highly durable and can withstand snow, hail, and wind. The solar inverter in your system will need to be replaced within 7-10 years on average but your solar panels should produce 80-90% of their rated production capacity for 25 to 35 years.

You should consider some important criteria before choosing a solar company for your project.

Some important criteria are:

  • Is the company State Certified for Solar? Their license should reflect their company name and no some other company which they use to conduct their installations. Ask for proof
  • Ensure they have liability and works compensation insurance
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What warranties do they offer?
  • How are they arriving at the energy production of the system they are proposing?


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