Storm Panels Boynton Beach, FL

Storm Panels

Boynton Beach Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows Installation

Hurricanes are some of the most damaging natural hazards. A category 3 and above storm category can destroy your home and cause serious injuries.

Hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30.

At Property Solutions Florida, we understand the damaging effects a hurricane can have.

It is with that understanding in mind that we offer specially designed hurricane-resistant impact doors and windows to protect your home in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Our storm protection solutions include – accordion shutters, storm panels, impact windows, impact doors, and impact garage doors.

Our accordion shutters can be installed with both – permanent and removable tracks. It completely depends on your installation requirement and preference. We give careful attention to design and installation so that you don’t have to compromise between style and preparedness.

Impact-resistant windows and doors combine a heavy-duty frame with laminated glass (impact resistant) along with a special silicone glazing process. The laminated process prevents the glass from breaking away from its frame keeping destructive winds or intruders from entering your house.

Our storm panel is made of light yet strong aluminum. These panels overlap each other to provide a powerful storm protection solution. You can either get them installed horizontally or vertically.

Our impact doors are packed with style and quality. They prevent wind-borne debris from entering the house. By replacing traditional windows with high impact-resistant windows you will also gain on energy efficiencies and make your home quieter.

Our impact windows come in all styles including – single hung windows, rolling windows, casement windows, and fixed windows. Similarly, we have sliding and French impact doors.

We have given considerable time and attention in only working with hurricane-resistant garage doors that offer style and value.

Garage doors are the largest and therefore the most vulnerable openings in a house during a storm. If a garage door fails during a hurricane, strong winds can enter the interior of the house. The pressure built by these winds can eventually blow up the walls and roof of your home.

No matter what your requirement is, we have a solution to meet your needs.
All our products are designed and installed to provide strong and secure protection to your home and loved ones during a storm.

We offer complete and comprehensive storm protection in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Give us a call now and find out how we can help you in meeting your storm protection goal!


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