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Storm Panels

Bay Harbor Islands Storm Protection Panels and Hurricane Shutters

Natural disasters like hurricanes can cause loss to life and property.

If you live in Bay Harbor Islands, then you live in a hurricane prompt area.

Hurricanes produce storm surges, heavy rains, high winds, flooding, and even tornadoes.

Tropical winds are strong enough to send debris flying which can kill anyone who gets caught by it. With 74 mph or more, these winds can destroy buildings, roofing materials, blow away things, etc.

Experts believe that powerful storm panels and accordion garage doors can prevent strong winds from entering the home. Impact windows and doors can resist themselves from being uprooted during a hurricane.

Despite this, less than 30% of homes in hurricane vulnerable areas have adequate garage door wind load reinforcement systems in place.

We at Property Solutions provide products and services that ensure that your home and loved ones have adequate storm protection to withstand hurricane winds.

Our accordion shutters are approved by the toughest code in Florida – the Miami Dade Building Code, as well as by the Florida Building Code. We have competitive pricing and our experience and close attention to details have earned us hundreds of customers five-star reviews and referrals.

Our impact-resistant windows (impact windows) and impact doors provide great protection to your home without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. They also protect your home from UV rays, noise pollution and contribute to making your home more energy-efficient.

We also offer hurricane proof garage doors that look great on the exterior. These are available with wind load reinforcement systems to withstand hurricane winds.

You can choose from multiple door styles and colors based on your home’s architecture. Strong garage doors can play a crucial role during a hurricane.

Whether you are looking for high-rated hurricane garage doors, accordion hurricane shutters, storm panels or impact windows, Property Solutions is your one-stop destination.

With one of the industry’s best installation guarantees and professional customer service, we provide storm protection solutions that offer the highest value and best project experience.

Give us a call right now and let us work with you to meet your desired storm protection goals!


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