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Our Accordion Shutters are approved by the Miami Dade Building Code – the toughest code in the country, as well as the Florida Building Code. The warranty we offer on our Accordion Hurricane Shutters is the best on the market. We warranty our Accordion Shutters from any material defects or installation flaws for as long as you own your property. No other company on the market offers that level of peace of mind.

Our prices are very competitive and our workmanship and attention to detail have granted us countless referrals from our customers and many praises from the different city inspectors where we have performed our installations.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are one of the most durable and versatile ways of protecting your apartment, home or office space from hurricanes. Our Accordion Shutters are made from high end quality aluminum for longevity and performance when it comes to protecting your house or business from hurricane winds. The simple yet strong and secure locking handles enable securing your Accordion Shutter from both outside and inside the house.

Our Accordion Hurricane Shutters can be installed with both, permanent or removable tracks depending on the installation requirements and/or your preference. They are manufactured to aesthetically fit the size of the window or door that is being protected. They come in different colors to best blend in with the architecture of the building. All of these features they offer, versatility, durability, performance, cost and architectural blend in, make our Accordion Shutters a perfect choice to protect your home and loved ones from a storm.

A top quality shutter shall provide long lasting and strong protection at a market competitive price. It is because of all the features they offer that Hurricane Shutters have become the industry standard for hurricane protection.

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Accordion Shutters Key Features:

  • Maximum security and strength
  • Convenience and ease of use.
  • 4 color standards being Ivory, White, Bronze and Beige.
  • Customizable widths and heights.
  • Permanent and removable tracks.

Accordion shutters provide versatility:

  • Can be installed on wood, masonry, concrete and frame construction.
  • Simple track operation.
  • Customizable for curved windows and openings.
  • Convenient securing system.
  • No maintenance required
Hurricane Shutters


Accordion Shutters from Property Solutions offer excellent quality, performance and installation workmanship that far exceeds Building Code requirements.

The solutions that we provide on protecting your home or business from hurricane winds are professional, durable, competitively priced and real time tested. Our accordion products are certified to be impact resistant to category 5+ storm winds. The highest certification in the country!

Being easy to operate; our Hurricane Shutters ensure that you can get your self ready on having your home protected with minimal effort. Our Accordion Shutters can also be used as a theft deterrent when away from home.

Well installed Accordion Shutters, when coped with the proper finished color, ivory, white, beige or bronze can sometimes even complement the windows where they are installed. Our Accordion Shutters provide great protection, great stacking – they are not bulky as others in the market today; great performance and durability over the years. They can also be used to provide UV protection on those windows that get a direct sun exposure during the day hours helping you save money on air conditioning costs. Above all, our Accordion Shutters provide the best value for the money you invest!

Whether it is a hurricane rated garage door, Accordion Hurricane Shutters or impact windows or Storm Panels that you are considering to protect your home or business, count on Property Solutions to give you the attention, respect, a great product coped with great installation workmanship and warranty – A great value, to ensure you’re home and loved ones are protected when a storm comes.



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