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Stay Safe During Storm

Natural disasters have the capacity to ruin life. These disasters strike with an intensity that is beyond endurance. The ferociousness can be seen in the way everything from human to non human entity is destroyed. The studies and research has given us options that many a times we get to know when the storm can strike and there are several precautions that can be taken to save our lives:

Be Cautious:

The first and foremost step that needs to be taken is to be careful and cautious. Remain alert and vigilant.

Pay heed to Weather Forecast:

Never ignore weather forecasts. Make it a point to listen to the forecast every day. The forecast are accurate and they warn us at the correct time so that one can stay safe.


Once you know that the storm or any other disaster can strike. Be Prepared. Preparedness also signifies mindset. Yes, be strong and make all the necessary arrangements that are needed for the safety.

Emergency Kit:

It is advisable that you keep a safety or emergency kit in your car and at home. One should stay at home when such disasters are supposed to strike but if it is urgent to leave the house, take an emergency kit.

Keep Power Back Up:

It is sure that power supply would fail at such times so try to keep power backup like emergency lights, inverters etc. and try to use minimum electricity in case you need it for 2-3 days.

Keep necessary things at Home:

Keep a stock of all the necessary things so that you can stay indoors for 2-3 days without having to buy the stuff.

Park your vehicles safely:

Try to park your vehicles at a place where they can be safe from storm because their engine tends to seize and it would be difficult for you to start them when required.

Take care of your pets:

One should not ignore his/her pets at this time and try to keep them inside. Make all the necessary arrangements for the pets too.

Use storm shutters:

One should use hurricane shutters because these are very helpful in protecting doors and windows from storm. One can get these replaced and can stay safe. These shutters also help to avoid to breakage of glass panes.

Avoid sending the kids out:

It’s not a good idea to send the kids outside to play not even nearby because the intensity of storm can increase any time. Also the kids may catch cold and can get ill if they play for long durations in the snow.

Inform family and friends:

Try to inform your family and friends about the storms so that they can also plan and can stay safe indoors.

Don’t Drive or Shovel:

Avoid driving or shoveling when the snow is high because the wheels tend to slip and it is impossible to manage the cars. Shoveling is also advisable only to those who are sturdy and healthy as it may have adverse effect on health.