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How a Solar Power Panel Installation Company in Weston, Florida can help you afford Solar Panels?

You’re familiar with the benefits of solar energy. It’s clean, it’s abundant and it can save you lots of money. However, will it kill your savings to make the switch? And are you even eligible for rooftop solar panels?

The good news…….

You don’t have to break-in to a bank to be able to afford your solar panels. If you’ve at least 10% equity on your home or have a good credit score, you can consider financing options to afford your solar panels. Financing doesn’t require a down payment so you’re holding on to your savings.

The Sun blesses every home around the world and even more in Florida, so there’s no question about abundance. However structural conditions and weather factors can affect the amount of sunlight we receive.

We at Property Solutions can help you with both the affordability and feasibility aspects of your solar panel installation!

What affordability options can a solar power panel installation company in Weston, Florida provide?

A solar panel company like Property Solutions will provide you with several options to help you enjoy the many benefits of going solar:

Outright Solar Purchase: With this option, you can purchase the panels entirely and start to enjoy immediate savings on your utility bill. You are also eligible for Federal tax credits and many local and state government incentives that may be available a the time of purchase

Solar Loan: This option enables you to pay off your solar panel purchase over a period of time. Solar loans are determined to give you long-term savings. If you’ve got a good credit score or at least 10% equity on your home and your mortgage is in good standing, you will easily qualify for a solar loan. This option also helps you benefit from numerous federal taxes credit and local incentives that may be available.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements: with a PPA, the solar financing company is the owner of your panels. No upfront costs or installation fees are applied. You will only be required to pay the provider a fixed rate for the electricity generated by the panels. This option gives you immediate savings because you’re relying less on your utility company from the start and you have not upfront capital expenses. This is a suitable option for people with good credit scores and who are friends of leasing.

Solar Lease: This works just like a PPA. Your provider claims ownership of the panels. You don’t have to pay upfront costs to enjoy your panels. You will be required to make monthly payments to the solar provider. This will be a fixed amount based on what is the yearly expected production by your panels. Financing rates vary according to your credit score.

A Property Solutions expert will examine your roof and perform a site evaluation to ensure it is a good fit for a solar panel installation. We will explore the most suitable financial option based on your specific situation and recommend an overall best solution for you.

To start enjoying clean energy today, get in touch with a solar power panel installation company in Weston, Florida.

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