Are Floridians Benefited By Solar Water Heater Panels?

Harnessing Solar Energy has become the need of the hour, as the non-renewable energy obtained from fossil fuels is exhausting very fast.Solar energy, being renewable is the solution that we need to get serious about. It should be incorporated in our lifestyle to give us the cheaper and more effective alternative. Sun’s abundant energy, when harvested, to use where we consume maximum electricity, can save our environment and lighten the load on our pockets.

We all need water heaters in homes as well as for commercial purposes. Electricity’s consumption worries us as it is not only expensive, it puts pressure on already diminishing non-renewable resources. Solar water Heaters bring to us the desired results from a resource which would not dry up on use and is energy efficient. Solar Water Heater Panels convert sunlight into heat energy by collecting the heat of the sun and storing it into water tank.The solar water heater panels are also called ‘Solar Collectors’ which are installed sun-facing. Solar water heaters are active and passive. They may use water only or water and working fluid. They are heated directly or via light- concentrating mirrors.


Flat – Plate Collectors for Solar water heating were used in Florida in 1920. They gained popularity in Florida as it receives 85% of the maximum solar resource available in the U.S. Thus it is an ideal place to use solar energy. The best system to heat water in Florida is ‘Active-Direct’ System. It is active as the fluid is directly pumped through the solar collector panel and it is direct because the fluid in collector is potable water. This collector panel is installed on the roof while the tank is below. System can also have Photovoltaic Panel which operates during power outages. Floridians have an extra benefit of installing the water heater system in the form of Federal Tax Credits. The Solar Water Heater provides hot water round the clock and can also store hot water for the next two days, catering for the bad weather.

The solar water heater panel have changed the course of life for the Floridians who have not only been able to control their electricity bills but also set an example of being the conscientious citizens.

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