Warming up: Solar Water Heating System

Solar energy has given us an abundant source of energy which is radiated in the form of heat and light. It can be harnessed with the help of technologies available such as Photovoltaics, solar heating or solar thermal energy. Since solar energy is available in high magnitude, it is an appealing source of electricity. Solar energy becomes even more attractive when we know that it is light on our pockets, renewable and pollution free, keeping the environment clean.

Conversion of sunlight into heat by using a solar thermal collector gives us a Solar Water Heating System. This collector heats the fluid and stores for future use. These systems use heat directly or via light-concentrating mirrors. The job of these mirrors is to concentrate sunlight to smaller collector. Solar water heating system design includes a simple glass-topped insulated box with a flat solar absorber made of sheet metal, attached to copper heat exchanger pipes. Heat is stored in water storage tanks. One must have a larger volume tank to store for the days without sunlight. The heat transfer fluid is a separate loop of fluid containing anti-freeze which delivers heat to the tank through a heat exchanger.

Solar Water Heating System
It is interesting to know here that flat plate collectors for solar water heating were used in Florida in 1920s.

Property Solutions has been into this business in South Florida since 2002. Weare the pioneers in designing, installing and maintenance of solar energy systems at residential as well as commercial places. We believe in harvesting the abundant solar energy available especially in Florida which is blessed to receive 85% of maximum solar resource available in the U.S. It is an ideal place to get solar water heater system installed. They are the most cost effective solution which save your money. Moreover you receive tax credits in the form of 30% of the cost of solar water heater. Taking extended bad weather in the form of rains or clouds into consideration, the system has an electric element which heats the water so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience. Our systems are updated ones with modern technology. They are electronically managed to collect and hold all the available heat. For Florida it is best to use ‘’active-direct’ system which is called active as the fluid is actively pumped into the solar collector and it is direct as this fluid in the collector is potable water.

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