5 Points To Consider Before Switching To Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems can provide homeowners with a range of benefits. From providing clean power, reducing your monthly electricity bill, to protecting you from the escalating costs of energy, solar energy is a reliable and sound investment.

Before beginning your research on which solar panel to purchase, consider the following five points before switching to solar energy systems:

1) Decrease Your Energy Consumption. Solar energy is awesome, however it still requires a financial investment. Start by reducing the amount of electricity you currently use. Make small changes in your consumption habits. In other words, use less but save more! Decreased consumption means the amount of solar energy you produce will offset total energy usage.

2) Implement Energy Efficient Measures. This is the flip side of the reduction equation. A home that is poorly insulated will leak away energy dollars. Most solar installers will first recommend certain energy efficiency improvements prior to commencing solar panel installation. In some states, this practice is codified into legislation. For example, in the state of New Jersey a higher solar rebate is applicable to home owners who opt for a professional energy audit of their home before solar panel installation.


3) Carefully read your Electricity Bill. Most people are unaware of the per kilowatt-hour rate they pay for electricity consumption. They aren’t aware of the delivery and supply charges which make up a major portion of the bill. Closely examine your electricity bill and find out the rate structure you’re using. For example, if you’re on a TOU (time of use) structure, it is better to do the dishes and laundry at night when energy rates are cheaper. You might also want to reduce your air conditioner usage during the day when energy rate are most expensive. By becoming familiar with how and when you use energy, you can make changes to your habits and reduce electricity consumption.

4) Assess your Roof and Location. A professional will help you determine whether your roof receives complete sun exposure between the hours of 9am to 3 pm. This is a recommendation to obtain the maximum benefit from our solar panels. In addition, does your roof have southern exposure? Homeowners with a south-facing roof receive maximum sun exposure.

5) Evaluate your Finances. To get started with solar energy systems, you will need to either finance a considerable sum or pay the entire amount upfront. However, most solar panel companies offer excellent (and painless) payment options. In addition, states such as California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York offer excellent rebate and incentives on solar panel installations.

If you’re ready to convert to solar energy systems, get in touch with PS Solar Systems today!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy (2018)

It is rightly said, that necessity is the mother of invention and we witness this in the form of Solar Energy Systems which are renewable, cheap and in abounding strength.

Solar Energy System involves harvesting the heat of the sun with the array of technologies which are either Active Solar or Passive Solar. Active solar techniques such as Solar Water Heating, Photovoltaic Systems are used to harness the energy of the sun and they have enhanced the long-term benefits for their users. They help in lowering the cost of fossil fuels and have increased the sustainability by reducing pollution.

Solar power, being pollution free has contributed immensely to improving the environment and one can be assured of no greenhouse gases emission. It has reduced dependence on foreign oil. Another amazing fact is that this renewable clean power is available every day of the year, even on the cloudy days. Once the solar energy system is installed, it requires no maintenance. No doubt, it gives one the ability to live grid free if the power generated provides enough for the home/ building. It is safer than traditional electric current and the present solar designs can be said to be more versatile compared to the older models. Last but not the least, one cannot deny the added income and incentives that can be availed on the installation of solar energy systems.


Though the advantages are many, yet certain disadvantages of the solar power system cannot be ignored, like the high initial cost for material and installation. A large battery bank may be needed if one wants to store power for the night. Depending upon geographical location, the size of the solar panels varies for the same power generation and one cannot deny the lower production in winter months.


As things are improving due to the advancement in technology, we can see improved and better version of solar energy system which is filling us with a lot of confidence that the coming years are going to witness more and more solar power being harnessed and we will be able to generate surplus power for the entire population. It is not only a heartening thought in imagination but soon going to materialize and create a healthier and happier world that will no longer be dependent on the fossil fuel energy which is diminishing so fast, despite being one of the reasons for causing war and disagreements in this world.

Property Solutions has been into the business of designing, installing and maintaining solar products in South Florida since 2004 and has certainly carved a niche for itself by providing its services with sincerity and honesty. We are a State Certified Solar and Building Contractors and our quality products have been appreciated by our customers. We are considered a trusted name amongst the Floridians. So many people have benefitted from our advice and suggestions and we can proudly say that we have contributed to making our environment and surroundings cleaner and pollution free.
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What Are The Benefits Of Residential Solar Energy Systems In Florida

Sun is that radiant source of energy, which has made life possible on this planet. Legends also acknowledge the sun as the enriching source of light and heat that personifies superpower and godly status. With the realisation, that all the non-renewable sources are being consumed very fast, the idea of harnessing the energy of renewable sources had to be made feasible as this was the only answer to tackle the insurmountable issue which could have jeopardized our survival. Technology has played a major role in providing Residential Solar Energy Systems In Florida as the viable solution to be put to use for residential and commercial purposes and it is heartening to realise that they are providing long term benefits, enhancing our sustainability and mitigating global warming by reducing pollution.


Active solar techniques like Solar Water Heating, Photovoltaic Systems and Concentrated Solar Power are being used to make our lives better. Residential Solar Energy Systems In Florida are generating electricity with the help of solar cells. Solar energy uses captured sun’s heat to convert into electricity in the form of photovoltaic power and concentrated solar power that can be used to power electrical gadgets at homes and magically cut down on electricity bills as well as help save the electricity. Heating water at home is used for multiple purposes with the help of water heating system run by solar energy which lets you breathe in the pollution free environment without emitting of harmful gases. Solar energy can go a step further and power your home; the most important part is that this does not talk of any complex system, rather a simplistic method to lighten up your home with solar power. There is so much that the solar energy offers and the most amazing is the way we are gaining from it.

Property Solutions has so much to offer in the form of harvested solar power, which is bringing light and heat at your doorstep in the best possible way. Our solar water heater are the most cost-efficient way to heat water, making it a lucrative investment as the cost of this system is recovered in the first four years. Rest of the years are just to enjoy the fruits and benefit of the investment, by saving money and power along with added tax benefit. Next, we have Radiant Heat Barriers that are installed in the attics to reduce summer heat. We also cater for Solar Attic Ventilation with the help of attic fans which along with roof radiant heat barrier keeps the home cool. Our PV Systems are contributing efficiently in reducing the carbon foot. We also design and install Solar Swimming Pool Heaters which are maintenance free and cost nothing to operate.

We at Property Solutions take pride in designing, procuring, installing and maintaining all the above mentioned systems in South Florida cutting down the power costs of the residents and bringing a major change in their lifestyle by bringing to them better, effective and reliable energy alternatives to their power needs. Our products and services are unmatched, and our sincere effort to make our clients’ lives comfortable and rewarding is our only endeavour. To know more about Residential Solar Energy Systems In Florida, feel free to PS Solar Systems.

What To Look For While choosing Installers For Solar Energy Systems?

Man’s curiosity has resulted in many new discoveries and inventions. He has always been fascinated by the mystical objects in the universe and the heat and power of the sun have always attracted his attention. Though it took him some time, he was able to understand the significance of this abundant energy present with the Sun and soon learned to harness it as an alternative to those resources which have been used as the source of energy but were indicating the inevitability of their extinction due to extensive use. It is rightly said, that necessity is the mother of invention and we witness this in the form of Solar Energy Systems which are renewable, cheap and in abounding strength.

Solar Energy Systems involves harvesting the heat of the sun with the array of technologies which are either Active Solar or Passive Solar. Active solar techniques such as Solar Water Heating, Photovoltaic Systems are used to harness the energy of the sun and they have enhanced the long-term benefits for their users. They help in lowering the cost of fossil fuels and increased the sustainability by reducing pollution.


It is important to follow certain steps when you plan to use solar energy power at your home or any commercial place.

It is important for anyone who is planning to get any of the solar products like solar water heater to be installed, to find out as how much power is being consumed by him or his family in using various electric appliances or how much power is being spent on heating and cooling the place.

Next, it is important to find out if the place, where you wish to get solar power installed, has the abundant or reasonable supply of sunlight to be converted into heat energy. Your Solar Installer can guide you with accuracy.

Further, you can meet the solar energy installer and find out the Options and Programmes available to make the best use of solar power in the most cost-effective manner. It is important to choose the solar and building contractor who will assess your needs properly and advise you accordingly. His suggestions after inspecting your property or site need to be taken seriously.

Most important is checking the competence of your PV Installer.Is your company a certified one and do they have any references to offer? Also, check out the warranty offered on the solar products and the tax benefits at the installation of the same.

Property Solutions has been in the business of designing, installing and maintaining solar products in South Florida since 2004 and has certainly carved a niche for itself by providing its services with sincerity and honesty. We are a State Certified Solar and Building Contractors and our quality products have been appreciated by our customers and made us a trusted name amongst the Floridians. So many people have benefitted from our advice and suggestions and we can proudly say that we have contributed to making our environment and surroundings cleaner and pollution free. Contact us and avail free in-home consultation.

Why Solar Energy System is the Best for Florida?

Solar power or energy has been harnessed to the maximum use at certain places which are blessed with the amount of sunlight required to convert it into electricity. Florida is one such state of the U.S. which receives 85% of the maximum solar resource available, making it the most suitable place to install the Solar Energy Systems.

Property Solutions have been serving the people of Florida since 2000 and we can be said to be an instrumental force in making solar energy popular for residential and commercial use. Our team consists of an Electrical Engineer as well. We Design, Install and Maintain these systems and provide our clients with a better and healthier alternative for utility electric power. Solar energy is cost effective which liberates you from the guilt of leaving a carbon-foot on this earth. Solar energy systems not only are a cheaper solution, but also don’t let you contribute in global warming. That is why the government too realises your conscious efforts and give you tax benefits on the installation of Solar Energy Systems.


We at property solutions are State Certified Solar and Building Contractors who are the proud designers of the following solar products:

1. Solar Water Heaters, a very viable solution to save power and money. We install as well as maintain them.2. Radiant Heat Barriers.
3. PV systems.
4. Solar Pool Heating.

All these products are well-designed, reliable and long lasting where we take the full responsibility of installing and maintaining them. Our quality service and thorough professionalism establishes a relationship of trust and confidence with our clients, whom we serve with pleasure and a sense of commitment. To know more about us and our products, feel free to contact us and avail free in-home consultation and guidance.

Enrich Your Homes in Florida with Residential Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy has become the most viable solution and an apt alternative for the other sources which may soon be exhausted and turn out to be expensive. Florida has been blessed with abundant sunlight which makes it an ideal place to put solar energy to extensive use. Since 2000, when Property Solutions came into existence, Florida has experienced a desirable change.

We at Property Solutions are a team of the most dedicated members who make constant efforts to bring Residential Solar Energy System to each resident of Florida. We Design, Install and Maintain these systems for your homes. We hold a vision to equip each household with solar power as it is the most cost-effective, reliable way of changing one’s surroundings and giving a chance to cleanse our environment and make it pollution free. We have the state’s sanction to become Certified Solar and Building Contractors.


We have earned the reputation of being thoroughly professional. Our most popular products like Solar Water Heater is the most cost-efficient method to heat water. It is an immense relief to anyone’s pocket as this system usually pays for itself in 3-5 years. From Installing a Roof Radiant Barrier or a Solar Attic Fan to implementing a properly sized PV system, we provide you all and try to lower your dependency on utility electric power.

The installation of these solar products, bring tax benefits to the residents which give you an indication that it is a win-win situation in every aspect. Browse through our content and feel free to contact us. We will provide you with all the information and free in-house consultation. We customize the size of our products according to your residential requirements. To serve the residents of Florida is a matter of honour and pride for us.

5 Compelling Reasons Why Everyone Should Use Solar Energy

Solar energy is taking the world by storm. As more and more people understand how solar technology works and how easily they can incorporate it into their homes, the more advantages they can reap of having such an energy system.

Apart from enjoying significant savings on your energy bills, the following five reasons will help you understand why EVERYONE should switch to solar energy:

#1 Beneficial to the Environment

Solar power is a clean and green source of fuel. It reduces the amount of carbon footprint. There is no component of solar power that adds to pollution. Apart from using some clean water, solar energy technology does not release greenhouse gases. This is why it’s considered an environmentally safe and friendly source of power.


#2 Protection from rising utility Costs

Traditional sources of energy such as coal, natural gas and electricity experience daily fluctuations in price. In fact, the cost of fossil fuel rises every year. Apart from being detrimental to the environment, their quantity is limited.

When you use solar energy to power your home, you are independent from electricity-use! You’re considered off the grid. You will enjoy very cheap energy rates throughout the day. The sun will continue to shine but its rates will never go up, thereby giving you energy security.

#3 Enables People to stay in Inhabitable Lands

There are many places on Earth where electricity cannot reach in high altitudes, mountainous peaks or arid landscapes. However, people still manage to live in such places by burning wood and coal. By installing a simple solar panel, these people can live more comfortably without the need to burn fossil fuels. In fact, more people would be willing to live in quieter and more desolate areas if solar energy is available to them.

Underutilized land can also be used to set up solar farms. These are large areas with panels that harvest massive amounts of solar energy. For instance, in the UK a 45 acre solar farm generates enough solar energy to power 2,500 homes.

#4Solar Power use equates to less loss of electricity

Traditional electricity is transported from large power plants via extensive networks before it reaches consumers. During this long distance transmission, there are enormous amounts of power loss.

With solar power, there is no energy loss whatsoever. Solar panels are installed on your roof. After receiving the sun’s energy, this is transferred via the panels to your home. This is an extremely efficient electricity system. This also gives you more control over your energy usage and bills.

#5 Better for the Economy

If more people choose solar energy, the demand for this technology will increase. More companies who are willing to install solar panels will be created and consequently more jobs, especially for skilled tradesmen. This promotes economic growth. For example, in 2015, there were 35,000 new jobs created in the solar power sector in the UK.

Solar energy is truly the fuel of the future. To learn more about solar panels, please contact Pssolarsystems.

How To Install Solar Panels On The Roof Of Your Home

Solar panels and renewable energy sources are trending today.

The over-exploitation of natural resources along with the increasingly high demand for energy has awakened up the conspicuous of many people to consider more environmentally friendly sources of energy to meet their needs.

Solar Energy Panels For Home is getting very popular today. They can be used for heating water, heating buildings, cooking, heating homes, generate electricity and are used to power many portable devices we use every day.

The use of solar panels is increasing tremendously all over the world. With the price of the technology decreasing every day and government subsidies to make these systems more affordable, it makes much more financial sense to have a solar system installed today.

Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight into electricity to power your home or business. PV is quickly becoming popular as a reliable, low-maintenance, clean, low-cost energy alternative. Solar electricity allows you to be as energy independent as you choose while lowering your utility bills and carbon emissions. It’s particularly popular with our customers in Florida and the Caribbean where there’s an abundance of free sunlight. Solar panels come in a variety of styles for mounting on the ground or on rooftops.

solar panels

Designing and implementing a properly sized and cost effective system to lower your dependency on utility electric power MUST always be the most important factor when considering a Solar Energy System for your home or business.

The following are best practices in order to achieve this goal:

  • Replace your electric water heating tank for a Solar Water Heating System For Homes.
  • Install a Roof Radiant Heat Barrier.
  • Install a Solar Attic Fan.
  • Apply Blown Insulation on your roof attic space.
  • Design and implement a properly sized PV System.

If you are considering to reduce your electric bill and carbon footprint, now is the best time to install a solar energy system in your home. PS Solar Systems are well known for their commendable customer service, best practices approach when designing a system, their clear and transparent way of presenting their proposals and their competitive prices. They specialize in solar hot water systems, radiant heat barriers, PV systems, solar pool heating, and much more.

Why You Should Consider A Solar Energy System For Your Home?

Solar power is one free source of energy that we can use all day, every day. Solar Energy Systems For Home are the smartest way to power your house today.

With the price of solar panels being very competitively priced, government incentives and advances in solar energy technologies, it makes much more sense to consider solar today.

Everyone knows that solar panels are used in generating electricity, heating water, heating swimming pools, cooking, indoor and outdoor lighting, and for so many other activities.

Solar energy is the best way to lower our dependency if in oil, lower our electricity expenses and help the environment.

solar energy system

Following are some good reasons why you must seriously consider a solar energy system:

# It will significantly lower your electricity bills.
# It will greatly reduce your dependency on utility power
# It will help the environment
# It will increase the value of your property
# The cost for a new system might be completely offset by the realized savings!
# You’ll have the coolest house in your block.

Solar is the way to the present and the future !