What Must Be Considered Before Installation Of Solar Panel At Home?

Solar Panels absorb the sunlight and convert it into electricity. Solar panels are comprised of Solar Cells which are electrical devices, converting the energy of light into electricity. These individual solar cell devices are combined to form modules which are known as solar panels. Solar cells are described as photovoltaic. Assemblies of solar cells are used to make solar modules that generate electrical power from sunlight. Solar panels are installed on the rooftop where it could get the direct sunlight, facing south to have the best impact. They have several advantages in the sense, once they are installed, their operations do not generate any pollution.These silicon cells use silicon which is abundantly available in the earth crust. Solar panel installations can work for years without demanding too much maintenance.

The most common application of solar panels is Solar Water Heating System which has proved to be the revolutionary way to cut down power costs and using a pollution-free method while making optimum use of solar energy. Solar power being a cheap alternative proves to be cost-effective.



There are certain things one must be clear about before getting a solar panel installed on your rooftop. Some of them are:

• It is important to know what kind of roof in shape and size you have and if it is big enough to support solar panels. To get the solar panel installed, the first and foremost consideration is the amount of sunlight one gets on one’s rooftop. A roof which is covered with shade of a tree may not be the ideal place to install the solar panel.

• If your roof is receiving enough sunlight but is in a battered state, it is better to get it mended first because once the solar panels are installed it will not be before 15-20 years that they will be removed.

• You have to decide the type of solar technology you wish to get installed like Solar Thermal, though a rare choice for homes than Photovoltaic.

• You need to find out how you are going to connect your solar power system to the grid, i.e.connecting with a local utility.

• Look for a reputed contractor whose work has been available nearby for you to see. Do your research and go for a State CertifiedContractor.

• If you have found your contractor who you feel holds expertise in his work, read your contract carefully and see if the company is providing installation and maintenance and your solar contractor should be able to guide you as to which solar panels are the best and most reliable and long lasting. You also must check the Warranty of your solar panel and ensure that you get the warranty on solar panel as well as the installation.

• The solar contractor’s team must have an electrician so that you have a handy wiring expert and does not have to hire from elsewhere.

Solar Panel Installation is a wise investment which will give you benefits and returns in every possible way if you follow the guideline and do your own research. We at Property Solutions provide you all the above mentioned and much more because our credibility is well established as our experience and thorough professionalism in providing our services is simply unmatched and of exceptional quality.

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