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Property Solutions – Sunrise Solar Power Company

Solar Power Installation in Sunrise, Florida

A Property Solutions solar panel installation provides numerous benefits for homeowners, including:

Savings on Utilities

In just a few years, your panels can help you save thousands of dollars. From the day you turn on the switch, your panels will start reducing your utility bill. With each passing year, renewable energy sources are depleting and electricity rates are climbing. It is because of this that anyone who invests in a solar panel system now, will start reaping its many financial benefits while helping the environment.

During the discussion of your requirements, we will use our advanced modelling software to provide a detailed estimate on how much you can potentially save.

Increases Property Value

Installing a solar PV system in a Sunrise home will instantly increase its resale value. According to homebuyers’ statistics, a home’s value can increase by up to $20,000. A potential buyer will be more interested in house with an installed solar panel system.

Tax Incentives

Take advantage of numerous municipal, state and federal tax incentives with your solar panel installation. During the 2019 year, the Federal government is offering a 30% tax credit on the purchase and installation of solar panels.


We provide many types of solar PV systems. Our designers can build you a customized solar power solution for your property.

Return on Investment

Solar panel installations are a low-risk and long- term investments. They continue to benefit homeowners for many years after they are paid off. They help you save on electricity costs while providing your property with a unique selling point.

Hire a Professional

Hiring a solar power panel installation company in Sunrise, Florida is the professional way of having a solar panel system installed on your roof. Our company has the staff required to determine your power requirements, design and install a solar energy power system that will provide the most performance at the most competitive price.

At the initial site assessment, our engineer will determine important aspects such as the best orientation for the pv panels, mounting angle, the panel performance and other details that will ensure the best performance of your system. A properly designed and installed solar energy system will ensure your solar panels will function for many years.

Our office staff will handle all the paperwork involved with your solar panel project including permitting and the required city building inspections.

By hiring a professional solar company, you also have payment flexibility. You can buy your system right out or you can opt for one of the different financing options we offer.

Why Choose Property Solutions?

Most Value on your investment

  • Quality of Products used – Peace of mind
  • Quality of Installation – All installers are employees. No subcontractors used
  • Warranty – Double lifetime warranty
  • Price – Most competitive price warranty

Experience – In Business Since 2004. Over a decade of providing Storm Protection and Solar Energy Systems for the Residential & Commercial Markets
No surprise guarantee – Priced agreed is the price you will pay. Guaranteed!
State Certified
All Required Insurances

We Believe in Quality</h5 >

A quality installation will generate clean energy and bill savings for years to come. We are here to help ensure that your system does just that.

We use the most advanced modeling software in the industry to create your estimates

Not all numbers are created equal. Your system proposal is carefully modeled on the Aurora platform, which conducts the most accurate performance simulations in the industry. The performance numbers we offer are what you can actually expect to get from your system

Now you can opt for your own solar panels and start enjoying the many benefits of clean, green energy.

Get in touch with a solar power panel installation company in Sunrise, Florida to get started. Contact Property Solutions today.



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