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Solar Power Installation in Sea Ranch Lakes, FL

A Solar Power Panel Installation Company in Sea Ranch Lakes, Florida can determine how many Panels you Need

The average residential home in the United State requires approximately twenty solar panels. This figure can range between eight to fifty. This depends on factors such as the orientation and size of your roof, your environment and electricity consumption.

To determine the exact figure, you need to know what your goal is and therefore how much solar power is required to reach that goal.

Here are a few pointers that will help you determine how many panels you need. Some of these are easy for you to do and some might require a more savvy person to figure out the solar PV system that will help you reach your goals.

1) Energy Use

Before going solar, get your monthly electrical consumption average from FPL. This can be done really easy by just accessing your account on line and going to the FPL portal. Try to minimize electricity consumption by making energy-saving decisions. These include regularly turning off lights and fans that are not in use, purchasing energy-efficient appliances, etc. Once you’ve taken these measures, you will now what your true energy consumption is.

2) kWh Produced by Solar Panels

To figure out how much solar energy will be produced by your system, determine the sunlight exposure of your roof. They call Florida the Sunshine State for a good reason; we’ve got an abundance of sunlight. Areas that get less sunlight may require larger systems.

3) Factors that Influence Solar Panel Efficiency

After determining your energy use, you need to know how much energy your panels can produce. This figure is affected by the following variables:

  • Solar irradiance
  • Equipment inefficiency
  • Age and cleanliness of the panels
  • Weather

These might seem like small factors, but they will decrease your system’s efficiency. Your solar power panel installation company in Sea Ranch Lakes, Florida will take these variables into account. The system size they recommend will cover these issues.

4) Quantity of Sunlight

In our sunny state Florida, four solar panels can be expected to produce up to 100 to 150 kWh every month of solar energy.

5) Roof Limitations

The orientation and size of your roof as well as the shading will affect the quantity of panels you will require. Limitations as a result of the roof is the leading reason why homeowners are unable to cover complete 100% of energy use.

6) Direction of the Panels

For maximum energy production, solar panels should be installed in the sunniest part of your property. In Florida, the best orientation is south facing at a 90 degree angle. When you move further south, facing either east or west, production decreases.

7) East or West Facing Works Too!

The direction of your roof cannot be changed, but you can still enjoy the many benefits of solar energy with an east or west facing roof. Your installation company can help you determine the best location for maximum benefit.

Why hire a licensed, solar power panel installation company in Sea Ranch Lakes, Florida?

The best way to determine how many solar panels you need and the best system for your specific situation is to speak to a licensed and certified solar panel installation company like Property Solutions. We will assess your requirements and inform you about the type of solar panel technology that would benefit you the most. This will also include the number of panels along with a price quote to complete the entire installation.

To speak to a solar power panel installation company in Sea Ranch, Florida, contact Property Solutions.



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