What if we told you that soon we’ll have to face a shortage or even a complete absence of life-giving oxygen?

Terrifying, isn’t?

This will soon be a reality if we don’t learn from our mistakes and ‘reverse the damage’. The damage human negligence is causing to our oceans and the precious coral reefs.

Did you know that ocean plants produce nearly 85% of the oxygen in the air that we breathe? That is true!

Coral reefs provide shelter to nearly 25% of marine life including plants and marine animals. Horridly, more than one-third of these reefs are destroyed beyond repair.

The primary reasons for the damage?

  • Oil and fossil fuels
  • Single-use plastics
  • Non-reef safe sunscreen
  • The use of pesticides.

The video you are about to see was created by a non-profit organization – Save the reef, filmed by Amir Zakeri, who takes the viewers on a ride to an oxygen-deprived world, the importance of coral reefs, and how we can work towards ‘reversing the damage’ that has already been done. You can check the complete film here.

Coral reefs are crucial for the survival of not only the marine ecosystem but the entire human race. They protect the coastlines from the catastrophic effects of tropical storms and actions. We all know how dangerous tropical storms and hurricanes can be.

As an individual or a company, we can too contribute towards bringing these reefs back to life and build a sustainable planet by spreading the word.

The more people are educated about the issue, the more we can do to protect these reefs or at least try not to damage them any further.

Property Solutions has always been a strong supporter of a more sustainable environment through the products we offer, the processes we use as a company and the responsibility we take as individuals to contribute to a healthier environment.

Thanks to innovation in solar technology and financing plus Federal tax incentives, contributing to a healthier environment through the use of renewable energies such as solar has never been as easy and financially rewarding as it is now.

Second to transportation, our homes generate the second largest share of greenhouse gas emissions!

Switching to Solar to power your home is not only financially rewarding but you will also be contributing greatly to a much healthier environment.

The time to act is now!

The responsibility is on every one of us to help reverse the damage!

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