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Solar Power Installation in Pembroke Pines, FL

What happens during site inspection by a solar power panel installation company in Pembroke Pines, Florida?

Prior to installing your solar panels, a Property Solutions engineer will perform an on-site survey to calculate the number of panels you need in order to supply your home with the adequate energy requirements. A roof inspection in particular also helps determine whether it’s safe to install panels on your roof. Once this information is collected, we can proceed with installation of the panels.

Pulling the plug on conventional energy sources can be an overwhelming process. Property Solutions can guide you during this process. There are many very important aspects of an efficient and long lasting PV panel system design.

  • What are you energy requirements?
  • What are the most suitable panels for your project?
  • What is the optimal orientation of the panels?
  • What is the most appropriate PV panel inverter?
  • What local or federal tax rebates can you take advantage of?
  • What financial options are available and which is the best for your specific case?

Going solar is a life-long commitment. You need a team that is through and that will assist you in making the most educated decision you can make.

What does a solar power panel installation company in Pembroke Pines, Florida check during a site inspection?

During a site inspection (predominantly of roofs), we examine the following:

1)Roof Orientation, Pitch & Size:

The main aspect here is space. Your roof should be able to accommodate all the panels that are required to satisfy your power requirements. In addition, the direction and pitch of your roof must be able to capture enough sunlight. The best scenario is a south-facing roof with a 30-degree tilt. However, east and west facing roofs fare just as well.

2)Roof Obstructions:

Many variables can affect the amount of sunlight your panels can receive. Some of these are your chimney, pipes, other roof installations (dishes), large trees, etc.

3)Sun Exposure:

The ideal time for sunlight is between the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If you’re sure about whether your roof receives this much light, don’t worry our surveyor will help determine this. If there is a lot of shading occurring because of trees, we will recommend trimming them down to allow for more sun exposure.

4)Roof Stability, Strength and Materials:

Did you know solar panels help extend the lifespan of your roof? They shield it from UV radiation as well as snow and rain. However removing your panels to fix your roof can prove to be an expensive affair, so ensure your roof is sturdy before the installation. During our inspection, we will review the quality of construction of your roof. Asphalt shingle is the ideal roof material to support a solar installation.

Flat roofs made of gravel, tar or tiled roofs require racking equipment to support the panels.

5)Electrical Wiring:

To ensure we can install a code compliant and safe system on your roof, we will inspect your roof and attic. We will also examine your electrical panel to check for damaged wiring, electrical upgrades and clearances that may need attention.


Even though panels generate less electricity during overcast climates, the money you can save will depend on local electricity charges. Never discount the benefits you can enjoy just because you live in a cloudy city!

7)Local Regulations:

If your community has a Home Owners Association, they cannot deny you the right to install solar panels on your roof. You still need to advise them of your project and require their approval but this is more than a formality than anything else.

Are you ready to go solar? Get in touch with a solar power panel installation company in Pembroke Pines, Florida. Contact Property Solutions.



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