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Maintenance Coverage Points To Consider From A Solar Power Panel Installation Company In Parkland, Florida

Most solar panel installations will last for at least twenty years. During this time, some periodic maintenance will be required such as preventative maintenance and on-schedule cleaning. You may seek out these services from your solar power panel installation company in Parkland, Florida.

Here are some coverage points to consider:

Service Provider’s Qualifications and Permits

The service contract must indicate a printed state license number. This will provide you with some peace of mind that your solar panels are in the hands of true professionals.

Payment Details in the Ensuing Years

For most solar PV systems, the maintenance cost is lower for large units and higher for smaller units. However, you can expect the cleaning and maintenance costs to increase as your system ages. Speak to your service provider about repair and maintenance expenses that you can expect going forward.

Frequency of Location Visits

Apart from the visits, scheduled maintenance and cleaning visits, ask your contractor about visits for annual performance checks. This ensures your solar panel system is working efficiently and generating electricity accordingly. These visits may also include detailed visual and physical inspections of various electrical components that may affect system performance. At this time, concerns and repairs can also be identified. Ensure your contractor also inspects the inverters for peak efficiency.

Offsite Monitoring

Apart from onsite visits, consider a service provider who offers offsite monitoring services for performance evaluation in real time. This service helps you immediately identify and address any and all issues that occur. With this information, you can potentially save hundreds of expensive repair costs in the long run.

While purchasing your solar panel system, ensure you’re entering a legally binding contract with the company. You must have a signed record of your purchase with all the details of the service maintenance in black and white. Check to make sure the points mentioned above are clearly stated in your contract. This is a legal document which holds the manufacturer/installation company accountable to you.

Always purchase your solar panel system from a reliable solar power panel installation company in Parkland, Florida. This ensures you’re getting a quality product that will serve you well in the present and future.

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