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Is Solar Panel Installation in Lauderhill An Effective Way To Conserve Electricity?

For the last 15 years, Property Solutions has been providing PV Solar Panel Systems in Lauderhill to commercial and residential clients.

Our company’s goal is to provide our clients with an affordable, well designed and installed alternative to power their homes and business through PV solar systems. We have a team of design engineers, electricians, solar technicians and installers and customer service personnel with that same goal in mind.

Residential Solar Panels in Lauderhill – The Benefits

Now is the right time to reap the benefits of sustainable, self-sufficient clean and recyclable energy while at the same time making a big positive impact on the environment.

  • The savings you realize with solar panels, pay for the system with money left to spare
  • The Federal government is offering a Federal Tax Credit incentive that can significantly reduce the cost of your solar panels
  • Properties with solar panels on average sell for 4-5% higher than those without
  • Properties with solar panels sell on average 20% faster than those without
  • The average house with solar panels equates to planting 5,000 trees or taking 45 vehicles off the road!
Custom Solar Panel Design in Lauderhill
  • We follow best practices in the design and installation of our solar energy systems
  • Energy audit and recommendations
  • Reduce before replacing
  • Custom-designed systems to offset the energy consumption and not that overproduce
  • Design for performance and durability
Photovoltaic Solar System Installation in Lauderhill

We install our solar panels following manufacturing recommendations, building code requirements and best practices learned from years of experience in the business.

Every month you spend money on your electric bill to pay for environmental damaging fossil fuel energy that harms the environment.

Year after year you pay more as the utility company raises their rates. You have been doing this for many years with no path to energy independency and ownership.

The alternative to switch to environmentally friendly power sources is now affordable and financially sound along with a path to power generation ownership.

The money savings realized with a Photovoltaic solar panel system installation in Lauderhill pay for the system with money left to spare

Solar Project Management

The solar systems we install come with a simple application you can download to your phone to view your solar energy production for the day, week, month or year.

Solar panels inf installed properly do not require much maintenance. If dirt accumulates on the panels, it is just a matter of rising them with a water hose and that is it. Most times rain takes care of maintaining the panels clean.

The mobile application allows you to see if the production of any one panel has decreased below the allowed threshold and will generate an alarm prompting you to pay attention to the cause which in most cases could be dirt that has accumulated on the panels over the months if rain has not fallen.

The mobile app is a great tool to ensure you keep your PV solar panel systems functioning correctly for years to come.

Why Choose Us?

It’s all about our people!

We love what we do! Helping people save money while saving the environment and making some money in the process is a win-win-win for all; our clients, the environment and our company.

We can’t think of a better way to earn a living!

We have been designing and installing solar panels in Lauderhill and many other South Florida Cities for years.

It is through experience and the mistakes we have made that we have learned the business and now we apply all this knowledge to all our projects.

Through our 15 years in business our company mission has always stayed the same:

To provide our clients with a quality one-stop shop for their solar energy system needs at a competitive price, on budget, on time and beautifully executed



What Our Solar Customers Say

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