Solar energy has become the most viable solution and an apt alternative for the other sources which may soon be exhausted and turn out to be expensive. Florida has been blessed with abundant sunlight which makes it an ideal place to put solar energy to extensive use. Since 2000, when Property Solutions came into existence, Florida has experienced a desirable change.

We at Property Solutions are a team of the most dedicated members who make constant efforts to bring Residential Solar Energy System to each resident of Florida. We Design, Install and Maintain these systems for your homes. We hold a vision to equip each household with solar power as it is the most cost-effective, reliable way of changing one’s surroundings and giving a chance to cleanse our environment and make it pollution free. We have the state’s sanction to become Certified Solar and Building Contractors.


We have earned the reputation of being thoroughly professional. Our most popular products like Solar Water Heater is the most cost-efficient method to heat water. It is an immense relief to anyone’s pocket as this system usually pays for itself in 3-5 years. From Installing a Roof Radiant Barrier or a Solar Attic Fan to implementing a properly sized PV system, we provide you all and try to lower your dependency on utility electric power.

The installation of these solar products, bring tax benefits to the residents which give you an indication that it is a win-win situation in every aspect. Browse through our content and feel free to contact us. We will provide you with all the information and free in-house consultation. We customize the size of our products according to your residential requirements. To serve the residents of Florida is a matter of honour and pride for us.

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We at Property Solutions are dedicated to the integrity of our work. We ensure that our work is done professionally and in a timely fashion. Our jobs have the highest recommendations from our customers and local City inspectors because we take pride in everything we do.Our happy customers are the best testimonials of our commitment to 100% satisfaction!