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Solar Power Installation in Deerfield Beach, FL

Are you searching for the ideal solution to decrease your electric service charges, increase your property value or help the environment by reducing your carbon foot print? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then a solar panel installation in Deerfield Beach is the best solution!

Solar panels are an effective and trendy way to reduce your dependency on utility power while reducing your electricity bill and help the environment.

Advantages of Solar Panel Installation in Deerfield Beach

Photovoltaic or Solar Panels greatly reduce your home’s reliance on the electric utility company – FPL; while reducing your electricity bill. The power generated by your Solar Panels is used to power your home with any extra power that you do not use being sent to FPL. This additional power that is sent to FPL allows you to use that electricity anytime, instead of when it is generated.

Through a billing mechanism called Net Metering, FPL will credit you for any solar produced electricity your system adds to the grid.

Benefits for Solar Energy
  • Lower utility bills
  • Increase the resale value of your house
  • Help the environment
  • Have a natural power back up during storm electric outages
Solar Panel Installation Process in Deerfield Beach

We love and take pride on what we do!

Contrary to other companies in Deerfield Beach that just want to sell and install a solar system to turn a quick profit, we truly care about the PV Solar systems we design and install. All our systems are designed for optimum performance and specific to your energy consumption and power generation needs.

What clients in Deerfield Beach should expect from a Solar Panel installation project?

Free Energy Audit

A well-designed system should consider your in-home living habits, energy consumption and easy changes you can incorporate in your household to lower your overall electricity consumption.

Design for Performance

A solar energy system must be designed for performance and specific to meet your specific in home- living and power consumption habits. No need to oversize a system that will cost more and will be an over kill to your power needs.

Quality Materials & Workmanship

A well-designed system will not perform to its intended target if the components used or the installation performed does not go hand in hand with the overall goal of designing for performance and durability. With this goal on mind, companies must have their own experienced installation teams on their staff and only use top-grade solar panels, inverters, wiring, & other components to complete all solar energy projects.

System Performance Monitoring

A system must have the ability to be monitored for performance. The company you hire should provide you with an easy way to monitor the performance of your system free of cost. An easy to use mobile application you can download to your phone or mobile device can be very valuable on keeping an eye on the health and performance of your system.



What Our Solar Customers Say

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