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4 Points To Improve Efficiency Of Your Solar Power Panel Installation Company In Davie, Florida

The solar industry is making big gains in the United States. Currently, more than 1.4 million solar panel installations have been recorded. Clearly, the importance of solar energy and its benefits is being recognized by this country. However, renewable energies like solar and wind still make up a small percentage of the complete electricity production in the U.S. In fact, solar only accounts for 0.9%.

The question to consider is how can we work on improving the efficiency of this green, clean energy source?

Here are some tips from your local solar power panel installation company in Davie, Florida:

1) Examine the Angle and Direction of Your Roof

For a roof-mounted solar panel installation, ensure your system faces East, West or South. Avoid placing the panels in a North-facing direction. In addition, your system should be angled between 10 to 60 degrees. This provides optimum efficiency for the system to operate.

2) Remove and Prevent Shade as Much as Possible

Always select a shade-free spot to install the panels. The more sun your panels receive, the better. If your panels receive too much shade during peak sunlight hours, then their efficiency will decrease significantly. Consider trimming or removing trees, cable dishes and any other obstructions that might shade your panels.

3) Temperature

The temperature of your location can significantly affect the efficiency of your solar installation. It is recommended that the panels be installed a few inches above the roof. This facilitates sufficient air flow. After consuming all that sunlight, the panels will heat up. During the evening and night, panels need to cool down. If you live in a location where the temperatures always remain relatively cool, then this shouldn’t be a concern.

4) Size of the Solar System

The size of your panel installation will determine the system’s production. The bigger the installation, the more power it will produce. An average home solar panel installation is capable of producing between 4 to 6kW of energy.
When homeowners make the switch to solar energy, they want improved performance and better energy generation. To consistently achieve these results, you need to be aware of the points mentioned above.

If you’re ready to make a switch to a solar system, get in touch with your local solar power panel installation company in Davie, Florida. We can help you understand in more detail what is involved when switching to solar and the benefits that you can expect.



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