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Property Solutions – Cooper City Solar Power Company

Solar Power Installation in Cooper City, Florida

Photovoltaic Systems (PV Systems) are booming in Florida. Solar Energy provides not only big savings on your electricity bill,but it also makes you a big contributor towards developing a healthier environment by greatly reducing your carbon foot print. These PV systems convert solar energy into electricity using photovoltaic cells which are mounted on your roof as solar panels in Cooper City

These photovoltaic systems are becoming more and more popular because of their great reliability, money savings properties and as the perfect green energy solution to people’s electricity needs.

Solar PV systems are a sustainable and budget-friendly energy solution for those who want to lessen their dependency on the electric utility company, realize savings on their utility bill and are committed to contribute to a greener environment. Solar energy systems do not emit toxic particles or fumes which cause harm to the environment.

Photovoltaic cells are mounted on solar panels which convert sunlight into electricity.

Cooper city receives a great amount of sun year-round making it a great area to benefit from solar PV systems. A great alternative to reduce your dependency on FPL while saving money and helping the environment.

What Makes Us Different

We believe that transitioning to solar energy can be achieved aesthetically and affordably without sacrificing quality or performance of your solar panels system.

Property Solutions is headquartered in Medley, Florida and since its establishment in 2004 it has been committed to helping customers lessen their dependency on FPL. We have been doing this by designing and installing custom and site-specific solar panels in cooper city and all the neighboring areas in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties.

We have a strong presence across South Florida and our team consists of a group of professionals ranging from energy consultants, engineers, installers and customer service people that are committed to deliver value and a great customer experience on everything we do.

  • We are passionate about what we do and pride ourselves in offering great quality products, competitive pricing and an excellent customer experience to our customers.
  • It is all about our people! A group of Industry specialists who manage and supervise the entire process from assessment to final installation and that love what they do!
  • Years of experience in solar energy systems.
  • Property Solutions is one of Florida’s driving renewable energy companies.

With the booming of solar energy in Florida, there has been a marked increase in the number of solar panel installation companies in Cooper City Florida, but no tall companies are the same.  Property Solutions has a proven record of delivering competitively priced and professionally designed and installed Solar PV Systems to all its customers.

Why choose Property Solutions for Solar Panel Installation in Cooper City

Our teams customize and install solar energy systems in Cooper City that are high performing and cost-effective for businesses and residential spaces. We follow best practices from site assessment to designing, permitting, installation and commissioning of all cooper city solar panels projects.

We are consistently educating ourselves on the latest products and solar technologies to incorporate them in our designs.

Our company goal is to deliver solar energy solutions that offer the greatest value to our customers. Solar Panel Systems that are competitively priced, well designed and professionally installed.

This is the last year the Federal government is offering a solar energy Federal tax credit of 30% of the value of your system which you can use to significantly reduce the cost of your solar panels.

There are now many financial programs that give you the ability to migrate to solar energy with no money out of pocket while realizing savings on your electricity bill, increasing your property value and helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

The time to migrate to solar energy is now!

Give us a call and let us show how you too can let the sun power your home !



What Our Solar Customers Say

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