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Property Solutions – Coconut Creek Solar Power Company

Solar Power Installation in Coconut Creek, Florida

At Property Solutions, we aim to provide an excellent service with our solar power design and installation services.

What makes us different?

Most Value on your investment

  • Quality of Products used – Peace of mind
  • Quality of Installation – All installers are employees. No subcontractors used
  • Warranty – Double lifetime warranty
  • Price – Most competitive price warranty

Experience – In Business Since 2004. Over a decade of providing Storm Protection and Solar Energy Systems for the Residential & Commercial Markets
No surprise guarantee – Priced agreed is the price you will pay. Guaranteed!
State Certified
All Required Insurances

We Believe in Quality

A quality installation will generate clean energy and bill savings for years to come. We are here to help ensure that your system does just that.

We use the most advanced modeling software in the industry to create your estimates

Not all numbers are created equal. Your system proposal is carefully modeled on the Aurora platform, which conducts the most accurate performance simulations in the industry. The performance numbers we offer are what you can actually expect to get from your system

What can you expect from our solar power panel installation company in coconut creek, Florida?

After signing your solar panel installation agreement, the process of designing, permitting and ultimately fitting the solar pv panel system on your roof begins:

1) Site Assessment
Our technicians will perform a site assessment of the location where the panels will be mounted. This will likely be your roof or any other place that receives ample sunlight.

They will take and verify measurements of the location, make notes of possible shading or obstructions at the mounting site and confirm which system design and orientation would work best.

2) Design Approval
After receiving the results of your site assessment, our solar design engineering team will perform necessary adjustments to the original system design. You will be notified if there are significant changes.

3) Obtaining the Permit
Once you’ve given us the affirmation to move forward with the design plan, we will submit this plan to city officials to obtain the permit. How long that process takes, depends solely on how expediently our local government personnel perform this task.

4) Solar Installation
Once the permit is approved, a date is set for the actual solar panel installation and interconnection. Our solar company has in-house, certified installers to perform the solar panel installation. The entire process is supervised by a senior member of our team.

5) Inspection from City/County Officials
After installation is complete, a Coconut Creek government official must perform a final check and inspection of your system before it can be connected to the utility power grid.

6) Connection to the Utility Company
Once the installation is approved, we will submit the necessary documentation to the utility company, FPL. A representative from the utility company will visit your home and install a net meter. This enables you to determine how much solar generated electricity you use and produce.

7) Power On and Start Saving
Once you’re granted approval for a connection, you’re ready to turn on your panels and start producing affordable, clean energy from your rooftop.

Are you ready to enjoy immense savings and help the environment with solar panels? Get in touch with a solar power panel installation company in Coconut Creek, Florida. Contact Property Solutions.



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