It is rightly said, that necessity is the mother of invention and we witness this in the form of Solar Energy Systems which are renewable, cheap and in abounding strength.

Solar Energy System involves harvesting the heat of the sun with the array of technologies which are either Active Solar or Passive Solar. Active solar techniques such as Solar Water Heating, Photovoltaic Systems are used to harness the energy of the sun and they have enhanced the long-term benefits for their users. They help in lowering the cost of fossil fuels and have increased the sustainability by reducing pollution.

Solar power, being pollution free has contributed immensely to improving the environment and one can be assured of no greenhouse gases emission. It has reduced dependence on foreign oil. Another amazing fact is that this renewable clean power is available every day of the year, even on the cloudy days. Once the solar energy system is installed, it requires no maintenance. No doubt, it gives one the ability to live grid free if the power generated provides enough for the home/ building. It is safer than traditional electric current and the present solar designs can be said to be more versatile compared to the older models. Last but not the least, one cannot deny the added income and incentives that can be availed on the installation of solar energy systems.


Though the advantages are many, yet certain disadvantages of the solar power system cannot be ignored, like the high initial cost for material and installation. A large battery bank may be needed if one wants to store power for the night. Depending upon geographical location, the size of the solar panels varies for the same power generation and one cannot deny the lower production in winter months.


As things are improving due to the advancement in technology, we can see improved and better version of solar energy system which is filling us with a lot of confidence that the coming years are going to witness more and more solar power being harnessed and we will be able to generate surplus power for the entire population. It is not only a heartening thought in imagination but soon going to materialize and create a healthier and happier world that will no longer be dependent on the fossil fuel energy which is diminishing so fast, despite being one of the reasons for causing war and disagreements in this world.

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