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Property Solutions has been serving the South Florida community since 2002. We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of Solar Energy Systems for your home or business. Our approach brings continuity and peace of mind to your project and includes system design, procurement, installation, interconnection and commissioning.

We are State Certified Solar and Building Contractors with an Electrical Engineer in our staff. This, along with our experience and holistic approach to your power requirements, is a major differentiator in our ability to provide well designed, reliable, long lasting and cost effective systems for your home or business.

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How do photovoltaic systems work?

1. Solar panels are installed on a roof. They consist of rows of photovoltaic cells made from silicon. This is a semiconductor material which facilitates a reaction when the sun’s rays hit each individual cell. This sets of a reaction which produces electrical charges or direct current. Each photovoltaic board is linked to each other via a solar cable which ultimately connects directly to the inverter.

2. The inverter receives this direct current and then converts it into alternating current. This is the energy utilized in homes.

3. Direct current exits the inverter and passes on to the light board. From here it can be used for specific purposes, i.e. to power the television set, washing machine, etc.

4. On a larger scale, i.e. a solar farm, this converted energy travels to a light board and is distributed to homes, businesses, companies, etc.

5. Excess energy is put back into the electric distribution network. This helps deflect overloads and any other issues that may be caused by the energy surplus. This excess energy is credited to the customer via credits. These must be consumed within a given period of time.