Solar energy systems can provide homeowners with a range of benefits. From providing clean power, reducing your monthly electricity bill, to protecting you from the escalating costs of energy, solar energy is a reliable and sound investment.

Before beginning your research on which solar panel to purchase, consider the following five points before switching to solar energy systems:

1) Decrease Your Energy Consumption. Solar energy is awesome, however it still requires a financial investment. Start by reducing the amount of electricity you currently use. Make small changes in your consumption habits. In other words, use less but save more! Decreased consumption means the amount of solar energy you produce will offset total energy usage.

2) Implement Energy Efficient Measures. This is the flip side of the reduction equation. A home that is poorly insulated will leak away energy dollars. Most solar installers will first recommend certain energy efficiency improvements prior to commencing solar panel installation. In some states, this practice is codified into legislation. For example, in the state of New Jersey a higher solar rebate is applicable to home owners who opt for a professional energy audit of their home before solar panel installation.


3) Carefully read your Electricity Bill. Most people are unaware of the per kilowatt-hour rate they pay for electricity consumption. They aren’t aware of the delivery and supply charges which make up a major portion of the bill. Closely examine your electricity bill and find out the rate structure you’re using. For example, if you’re on a TOU (time of use) structure, it is better to do the dishes and laundry at night when energy rates are cheaper. You might also want to reduce your air conditioner usage during the day when energy rate are most expensive. By becoming familiar with how and when you use energy, you can make changes to your habits and reduce electricity consumption.

4) Assess your Roof and Location. A professional will help you determine whether your roof receives complete sun exposure between the hours of 9am to 3 pm. This is a recommendation to obtain the maximum benefit from our solar panels. In addition, does your roof have southern exposure? Homeowners with a south-facing roof receive maximum sun exposure.

5) Evaluate your Finances. To get started with solar energy systems, you will need to either finance a considerable sum or pay the entire amount upfront. However, most solar panel companies offer excellent (and painless) payment options. In addition, states such as California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York offer excellent rebate and incentives on solar panel installations.

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