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Security Options that Add Foolproof Protection to Your Home

Wide range of security alarms and various other systems are available in the market, it is important to have clear knowledge of the basics before deciding to install one. It is not always essential to install an electronic system as picking a good main door, strong windows and good quality blinds are. These simple elements will ensure safety of house at the first place. For example, those living in hurricane prone areas should install hurricane shutters first rather than installing electronic devices. These options are available in myriad number of shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Some of the simple security options are:

Trellis doors

These can be commonly seen in stores and also in front of French doors. They are not just an added means of protection but are also stylish, expandable and durable. One can find them in different materials like wood, plastic material and metal. Steel trellises are new in the market and are extremely secure and easy to operate. The steel trellises have various qualities like light weight, easy to install, and can even be painted to avoid corrosion.

Aluminum Doors and Windows

Impact Windows

Aluminum doors are very popular in recent times because of wide variety of styling choices, added security and perfect energy efficiency. This versatile and durable metal does not rust, thus making it suitable for areas with heavy rainfall. These occupy less space and prove beneficial to places where construction of door is difficult. Aluminum windows are highly favored by interior designers as they help in creating unique style statement. Most of these windows and doors offer lifetime guarantee, hence are worth investing in.

Stainless Steel Doors

The recent range of steel doors may seem surprising but are hugely beneficial as they are durable and serve as an added protection. These doors do not corrode when exposed to heavy rainfall. One can even choose to dress steel doors with wooden laminates and other patterns for a stylish look. Homeowners on installing stainless steel doors can feel deep sense of safety, as they are highly tough and durable and can be installed to any place irrespective of the environmental conditions. These doors act as great barrier against theft, break-ins, fire and smoke. Moreover, they are economical as compared to the fiberglass and wooden doors.

Hurricane Security

Blinds and Shutters

Blinds and shutters are stronger and sturdier options and are extremely functional in hurricane prone areas. They not just protect from all sorts of harsh weather but are excellent in retaining safety and privacy from onlookers. They also filter the harmful sun rays from penetrating the house, thus saving furniture and furnishing from fading away. Blinds are installed in the interior framework of windows whereas shutters can be installed in both doors and windows. Shutters are installed on doors and windows having louvers and rails and can be folded up when not required.

These safety options can also be installed in place of hurricane shutters as they provide excellent safety and security and will last for long. Dozens of colors, designs, shapes and sizes also impart unimaginable beauty and style to the space, thus catering to all kind of needs.