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Protect Home Against Nature’s Wrath with Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane Shutters serve multiple functions as they protect door and glass windows against damages caused by fierce winds that carry all sorts of airborne debris. You must have seen in television the damages caused by storms – debris scattered all over, trees uprooted and objects flying in the air. When a high speed storm hits people living in unprotected homes it breaks the windows and doors and fill the home with air, pressure is so high that it eventually rips the roof, leading to loss of life and valuables.

The necessary shutter protections come in a variety of material and types. Some popular choice you will find are – easy to install Accordion Shutters; looking for shutter free solution then no maintenance Impact Resistant Windows; and strong, durable Roll Down Shutters with remote controls. There are lots of options available, but you have to decide which will offer best protection.

Maintenance – A necessity

Simply installing shutters and thinking that you have done the best to protect from storms will not work. Do you remember when the last time you thoroughly checked shutter system at home and office to ensure they are in good shape and working? Some homeowners during the off season perform a dry run, means they test the protection devices, make sure every component is secured properly, this exercise include opening & closing every shutter. You will find that every hurricane window shutter requires some maintenance. After years of use, they lose the ability to work due to accumulation of debris, corrosion and insect nests.

Clean and grease the mechanical components and check again to make sure they are working properly now. All such issues need to be addressed before the storm hits. In case, you cannot do the maintenance then it good to avail services of professionals.  Since the safety of life largely depends on it, no risk should be taken and do not wait for the storm to arrive to get things done.

Accordions Hurricane Shutters and Roll Down Hurricane Shutters require lubrication on a regular basis. They operate on moveable component; slightest rust will hamper its momentum. Locking mechanism and gear should be crossed checked to ensure they are properly installed and working.  Check anchors in Removable Storm Panels and make sure they are free from dust and well oiled. This is the right time to see whether any bolts and wing nuts are missing or needs replacement. Always go for quality nuts and bolts- steel hardware are a good option as they don’t rust, and has longer life. Repeat the same process, with Bahama Awnings and Hinged Colonial shutters – check all necessary hardware are in place and ensure they open & closes easily.


Not only hurricane shutters safeguard home during a hurricane, they increase the value of home. It is observed that homes resold brought a good price that had premium quality hurricane impact window and shutters installed. In fact, builders are providing removable storm panels in new flats and homes they are selling as per Building Code mandate. An insurance company lowers the premium of homes fitted with storm shutters. In every way, you can say it is a smart investment – increases value, protect life and home, and help in getting good resale value.