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Post-Storm Precautions and Guide Related To Repairs

Hurricane Sandy is over but the challenge of facing the daunting task of clearing the entire mess which it has left behind is yet to be over. Several government and non government agencies are leaving no stone unturned in creating awareness among people regarding clearing debris & repairing tasks. There are few people who go to an extra length in offering help to other people during or after natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, fires, earthquakes, hurricane, etc. but unfortunately there also exist a particular clan, featuring those people who don’t mind taking undue advantage of the helplessness of people. These specific individuals have been tagged as ‘storm chasers’. These storm chasers are mostly persons involved in the domains of auto, yard & home repairs, clean-up, etc., some agencies have rolled out some guidelines for those house owners who are looking out for a way to deal with the damages related to auto & property domain.

Sometimes claiming insurance appears to be more overwhelming task than facing a hurricane. Save your receipts including food, temporary accommodation & all the expenses which have been covered under your insurance policy. It is understandable that one gets disturbed by handling so many hassles altogether but one needs to have a presence of mind while facing hassles. Don’t ever take any decision amidst pressure. Be proactive while choosing a company.

For major repairs, it is recommended to get at least few estimates based on the similar materials & specifications. Before selecting a company, it is also recommended to check references, verify its license & registration. If one has to choose a reliable home repair contractor then it is better to choose the one, that is approved. This way, one can be certain about the fair dealing.

Never ever rely on D-T-D (door to door) worker, who has no fixed workplace. It is apparent that despite they will give you guarantee, you can’t really catch a hold of them, since they keep on wandering from one place to another. More than that, even if a door-to-door worker turns up at your place and tells you that your home is in dire need of repair then also don’t pay attention to his plea.  It is always better to rely on qualified architect, engineer or building official to inspect your house. Hurricane shutters will be mitigating the damages to your home and the occupants. Thus if already installed, the existing ones need repair after the storm and if you haven’t installed, it is wise to install them as soon as the repair work starts.

Before proceeding ahead with the task of repair, don’t forget to get a written agreement signed & sealed since a written contract ensures that a contractor will be using specific quality material for work & it will finish a task within stipulated time. To be more precise, one should not rely on verbal promises and every single warranty should be mentioned in a contract. Another important point is that you shouldn’t pay more than 1/3rd of the job in advance. Prior to making a final payment, ask him to show you a proof that all sub-contractors have received the payment for the work done by them.

If you are really looking for a reliable home repair contractor then browse through a list of accredited businesses in your local area and then only choose the one that is approved and has a good reputation.