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A look into the very popular Single Hung Window

There are different types of windows available in the market, and these are arranged as per different categories. There are options of single hung window, double hung window, sliding windows, etc. Some window types even use compression weather strips in order to obtain maximum energy efficiency, as a whole. Therefore, you are free to choose the options in windows you want. Prior to that, the crucial thing that you need to do is to check out the requirements of your building so that you end up making the right selection. This in turn will prove to be highly beneficial for you in every sense of the term.

Origin Of The Concept:

The concept of hung window came when operable sash was hung from the ropes, and they were placed over the pulley system at the top of the jambs. The rope or chain attached allowed the sash to be raised easily, and to stay at any height to which it was raised. In today’s date, numerous styles and designs are available, but they usually involve springs instead of counterweights. The single ones operate only with the bottom sash, while the double one comprises of both operable top and bottom sash.

Single Hung Window
The Specific Codes:

It is important to understand the codes for windows in each area that varies from one area to another. However, in some places, window related building codes are similar both for single hung windows and double hung windows. These codes are mainly associated with governing the size of the window, the width of opening, the installation of the windows, the materials of the windows and the types of glasses used for the same. Moreover, every state updates their codes of doors and windows after every few years. Therefore, while selecting a new window, you should make sure that you follow the updated code specification in your area.

Following Few Instructions:

Every homeowner has to follow some specific instructions while installing the windows. For instance, each home should contain at least one emergency escape. The escape routes can be either through doors or windows, and it can be the hung windows, as well. In case of hung windows, they must have a minimum opening width and height. The escape routes should also open directly into the public way, as per the building code. Otherwise, it might even open up to a public way directly. When you follow these instructions, it will definitely help you in the future during emergencies.

Double Hug Window
Safety Of The Glasses:

If you put glass on the windows, you will have to follow certain safety precautions. Some windows that are smaller than nine square feet might not have to use any safety glass. However, this should be the case unless the windows are less than five feet above the shower or bathtub. In any case, it is important to understand that the bottom edge should be less than 18 inches above the floor or the wall that is less than three feet. Following these safety features will definitely be useful.