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A look at Main types of Storm Shutters

Storms and hurricanes can be damaging and leave your house in a bad state in the aftermath. Strom shutters are therefore necessary for regions that are frequented by storms, hurricanes, tornadoes etc. Before you decide on a particular shutter, it is important to know about their types. This can help you in judging the one suitable for you and fitting the budget. After all, people often get confused while making a buying decision and end up spending more for something that might not be usable enough.

So, here we have a comprehensive list of all storm shutter types and their functionality

Rolling Storm Shutters:

Rolling shutters as the name suggests can roll up or down as the need be. The rolling action can be either manual or automatic. In the case of manual ones, the deployment has to be done from the outside while the automatic shutter can be activated from the inside. Rolling storm shutters have louvered panels that hinge and join each other and get rolled in an enclosure that sits above the doors or windows.

Rolling storm shutters

Accordion Storm Shutters:

Accordion shutters also consist of louvered and hinged panels like rolling shutters. However, they open sideways instead of vertically. They are installed beside the doors, windows, and other openings and need to be deployed from outside. They are extremely durable, economical and easy to operate.

Colonial Storm Shutters:

Colonial hurricane shutters not only provide protection from the storm but also lend a very sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing look to the exterior of your house. They are louvered and hinged on the side of the windows and available in bi-fold and tri-fold configurations. They need to be operated from the outside. They are relatively expensive than other types.

Storm Panels:

The Hurricane or Storm panels are made from steel, aluminum or clear polycarbonate composite. They are corrugated and possess the ability to be stored away when not in use. Storm panels either slide in tracks above and below the openings or they are fastened directly to the walls. They are the most cost effective solution for protection against storms and bad weather while also being highly durable. Storm panels are the ones to go if you need excellent protection on a stricter budget.

Storm Panels
Bahama Shutters:

Bahama Shutters offer a classical way to protect your property from storms. They ooze out the tropical island feel due to their build and operation. Bahama shutters are made out of a single louvered panel hinged at the top like a casement and look the most stylish among the lot. They can double up to provide shade in front of the windows and swing down when the weather gets rough.

Awning Storm Shutters:

Awning shutters have an awning made out of high strength and durable fabric that provides shade during sunny days and can fold down to protect against hurricanes. Awning shutters are economical and light weight apart from being easy to operate. However, they are not considered as tough as the other types and hence should be used in areas with lower frequency and intensity of storms.