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A look at benefits of Installing Impact Windows

It is a known fact now that how important impact windows can be in hurricane prone areas. Impact windows can be the difference between a storm upturned house and a safer haven. So, building a new house with impact windows can not only save you from destruction but also increase the longevity of the house. If you are rebuilding your old house, then you should accommodate the installation of impact windows in your budget.

Impact windows are not just the first line of defense against the brutal winds but protect you from the dangerous projectiles that the hurricane throws at the house. These projectiles are nothing but objects picked up by the hurricanes which are then thrown at tremendous speeds thus leading to severe damage. The impact of projectiles can penetrate and shatter the doors and windows. This leads to immense pressure buildup inside a building which will then quickly start collapsing.

However, this is not the sole benefit that an impact window can bring to your house. There are several other things that impact windows can save you from and can add overall value as well. Let’s take a look at the additional benefits of installing impact resistant windows.

Theft Protection:

Due to strong construction, impact windows are hard to break which keeps intruders at bay. Thieves and burglars will have a tough time trying to get into your house and thus save you from parting away from your beloved belongings.

Noise Reduction:

Since impact windows have a laminated glass and resin layer structure, the noise and sound transmission from outside is reduced. This leads to a more peaceful and stress-free environment inside the building. This benefit is all the more apparent if your house or office building happens to be on a busy street or a highway.

UV Ray protection:

The impact windows can help keep the harmful UV rays from the sun from entering the edifice. According to studies, it has been concluded that about 99 percent of UV rays are kept outside by impact windows. This can lead to a longer life of your furnishings by keeping the colour and tone intact.

Impact Resistant Windows

Insurance Costs reduction:

Impact windows can lower the overall insurance cost of the house. Insurance premiums are based on the kind of damage that a house could be exposed to be it theft, weather or any other factor. So, its pretty obvious that areas with high frequency of natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes attract higher insurance costs. However, if impact windows are installed in your house, then it counts as a safer building and thus leads to lower insurance premiums.

Energy Costs reduction:

The laminated structure of the impact windows also contributes towards lowering the energy costs by increasing optimum utilization of energy. The energy spent in cooling/heating of the house gets lowered and leads to lesser electricity bills.

Higher Resale Value:

Whenever you plan on selling your house, having impact windows installed can give you a higher standing in the market. Houses with impact will automatically be considered safer and thus attract buyers willing to pay a higher amount for the property.