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List of hurricane prone cities in US

Life is full of challenges and we all are very well aware about it. However, for a specific set of humans, life is although more challenging. These people reside in hurricane prone areas and in those areas, where natural calamity shake them from their comfort zone, quite frequently. If may often crib about your monotonous life, your hectic professional life, your boss, etc. If you do, it is time for you to think about lives of those humans that constantly thrive under the perils of natural calamity.

Hurricane Prone Cities

Preparing for disaster is a part of routine of such people. They need to keep scope for additional expenses in terms of hurricane shutters, plywood, generators, etc. For poor people, thriving in such places is extremely difficult since they cannot access superior-quality hurricane shutters, they might not have access to generators, etc.

Several agencies did repeated studies about the cities that are at highest risk during an onset of hurricane. As per similar results found in many surveys, risk is greater for the cities like Virginia Beach, New York, etc. that exist in Atlantic Coast. Studies also revealed that even a small storm is capable of damaging urban cities, up to a great extent. Ironically, in terms of hurricane risk, areas like Gulf Coast and Florida instantly come to mind. However, in accordance to some reports, greatest risk, related to hurricane storm damage suggest towards other areas and cities. Let us have a glance on the cities that are also at greatest risk: Descending list according to hurricane risk, includes city like

Charleston, Sc.
Jacksonville, Fl.
Cape Coral, Fl.
Houston, Tx.
Boston, Ma.
Tampa, Fl.
New Orleans, Lo.
Miami, Fl.
Virginia Beach, Va.
New York, Ny.

Do you remember Hurricane Irene? This storm did slow down when it came to New York City. Yet, it did cause a loss of whopping sum. The studies conducted by agencies are based on history of past storms that did strike on many US coastlines. They also did analyze long-term weather trends. Well, irrespective of the conclusion of the studies, people residing in these 10 cities, need to be more alert. Hurricanes are becoming more intense and their frequency is on rise. Considering the same fact in mind, it has become highly essential for the natives of above cities, to ensure utmost security to their lives and property.

Fortunately, due to technological advancement, it has become easier for humans to face range of natural disasters. Inhabitants can now provide great level of protection to their lives and property through installing hurricane shutters, impact resistant window, etc. Through acquiring insurance policy, they can keep financial loss at bay. Nevertheless, opting for a superior quality hurricane shutter is must now. Contemporary hurricane shutters come in variety of endless design and pattern. Modern homeowners do prefer to opt for such shutters not merely due to fear of powerful storms, but with a motive to protect house from harmful ultra violet rays and dirt. Added advantage offered by such shutter makes investment really worth