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Laminated Glass – Impact Windows & Doors

The choice for protection

Life can be unpredictable.Everyone is concerned about the safety of our homes and families. Unforeseen weather can cause havoc for homeowners. Today’s auto and air traffic mean that the world is an increasingly noisy place.Taking practical steps to protect your interests is smart. Laminated glass from Property Solutions can help, offering a level of security and serenity that can’t be realized with ordinary glass.

Safety, security and serenity

Ordinary annealed glass breaks easily. Tempered glass, while stronger, shatters under a greater impact. Laminated glass is different. If laminated glass is broken,The vinyl interlayer (PVB) remains in the frame, with glass fragments adhering to the interlayer. This provides a strong barrier against forced entry and cannot be cut from one side only, rendering glass cutters useless.

Property Solutions laminated glass meets rigorous industry codes, including the American Society of Testing Materials standard for preventing forced entry (ASTM F 1233) and the burglary resistant guidelines issued by Underwriters Laboratories ( UL 972). Our laminated glass is customized to meet the requirements of any security application.

Noise protection

The world gets noisier everyday. Laminated glass from Property Solutions is an effective way to reduce unwanted outside noises.

Energy Efficiency and UV Protection

Fabrics, furniture, artwork, and other materials fade and become discolored over time. Laminated glass from Property Solutions can block over 95% of UV energy reducing energy bills, while allowing most of the visible light through, all without affecting the growth of your plants.

Insurance Premiums

Recognized by insurance companies as Class A Protection, Impact windows and doors can significantly reduce your premiums. Check with your insurance company for further information.

Whether it is High Impact Windows and Doors, Hurricane Shutters or Hurricane rated Garage Doors that you are considering to protect your home or business, count on Property Solutions to give you the best value on your investment by utilizing only approved quality materials on the manufacturing of our products, a high quality and aesthetically pleasing installation, exceptional customer service and the best warranty on the market all delivered at a competitive price.