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Is Sandy An Aftermath Of Modernization!

One of the most destructive hurricanes Sandy has not only left serious damages behind, but it has literally triggered a series of debates among various researchers and weather analysts, journalists and bloggers. One of the most predictable reasons of hurricane Sandy is climate change but has climate change really got to do anything with bigger and more deadly storms like Sandy? Well, there are not sufficient logics which prove any inter-relation between Sandy and climate change, but at the same time the possibility of climate change behind a powerful hurricane like Sandy can’t be denied completely.

Climate change has indeed become a constant source of worry to all. Various regions of US have witnessed events related to extreme weather. Like, for an instance, the winter was comparatively warm in the eastern U.S. However, even if we ignore past extreme weather events and do talk about Sandy alone then Hurricane Sandy became large as it rambled north along the coast of U.S. where the water of ocean was warm at this time of year. Since the water was warm, it did pump energy into the twirling system. To add more woes, a cold Jet Stream made a jagged dip southward from the region of Canada, down into region of eastern U.S. Cold waves which were positioned against warm air of Atlantic, did add energy to the atmosphere. That is exactly how sandy eventually expanded and went on to become bigger.

Apart from that, NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation), which is basically a climate occurrence, changed from positive to the negative, just two weeks prior to the arrival of Sandy. According to a study conducted by various scientists, NAO remains negative during the season of autumn and winter, which in turn increases the chances of Jet Stream to move in a big way.

There is another theory which go on to co-relate climate change with the evolution of bigger storms like Sandy. Due to climate change, oceans are warming up, which in turn are supplying more energy to storms. As far as earth is concerned, it is no exception to those elements which are getting affected due to climate change.

As the atmosphere of earth is gradually getting warmer, the ability of earth to retain moisture is increasing. That is the reason why we are now witnessing more storms at present time than earlier time. Thus, it is clear that there are more theories and research studies which support the relation between climate change and big hurricanes like Sandy.

So, hurricanes such as Sandy are inevitable and it goes well with the Darwinian theory as well – Survival of the fittest. Now is the time that people must protect themselves and their homes. There are various means including installation of hurricane shutters and other precautions that can be taken to prevent the extent of damage due to these natural monsters. Where the shutters prevent the occupants from strong winds and debris; the recent new attractive shutters also enhance the looks of the house.