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Install Hurricane Shutters

Come Hurricane season, most of the people living in hurricane prone areas start feeling nervous and jittery. After few instances of facing severe damages due to this natural calamity, people have started understanding the importance of all those measures that the Government ask us to take to safeguard us. I have been through such an incident and believe me it was quite a harrowing incident. This was a close brush with death that forced me to understand the value of life. When living in a hurricane prone area, it is necessary to be prepared for this natural calamity. Preparedness is the only way one can save himself. As soon as the hurricane season is about to start, one must start planning and get prepared to face challenges that may come your way.

Prepare for Hurricane Arrival

Prepare for Hurricane Arrival

Majority of hurricanes are slow travelers, it never harms to be prepared for the onslaught. When I faced hurricane, I started preparing for the same as soon as I heard about it. You never know about the speed of hurricanes it can be slow at times but can speed up later, so preparedness well in time is most important.

Accumulate food and water

Accumulate food and water

One is never sure about the duration of hurricane in an area. Thus, it is always best to accumulate enough food and water that lasts for several days. In case,  you get cut off from other parts, and the authorities are not in a position to help you, this accumulated basic necessities are going to be a great help. One must also gather enough candles, matchsticks, batteries, torches, medicines, blankets and many more things of importance. You can cook raw meat and freeze it in the refrigerator. Cooked meat can be taken out one at a time and used sparingly. It is better storing canned foods and drinks as they would not get spoiled.

Storm Proof Your Home

Storm Proof Homes

This is one of the most important safety measures that can be taken in order to make your home storm proof. I have faced severe hurricane, and I can vouch for hurricane shutters as true-life savers. These shutters are compact home fixtures that protect windows and other vulnerable parts of the home. Last year, when hurricane came into my area leaving a trail of devastation in its wake, I was able to protect myself solely with these shutters that withstood immense pressure from the storm. All those parts that open outside must be protected using hurricane shutters. If not these shutters, windows may not be able to withstand so much pressure and may open allowing debris and sharp objects flying inside at an alarming pace. You can choose hurricane shutters as per your requirement and budgets, but please do get them installed and minimize destruction that is usually seen after this natural calamity.

Keeping in mind above factors will surely help you to safeguard your family and house with the rigors of hurricane. Do not let your life hampered in any way because of this calamity. One must brave it out courageously with determination and preparedness.