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Impact of hurricanes on little kids and elder people

Recently, one of the most powerful economies of World did experience one of the most devastating hurricanes of the century called Hurricane Sandy. It is extremely difficult to imagine what little kids and elders go through during powerful natural calamities. They have to bear freezing cold. Managing without electricity is the most difficult part, especially for the elders because they find it difficult to move from one place to another and lack of electricity poses the biggest threat of accident. In the absence of any kind of communication facility, it becomes difficult for the kids and elders to contact their near and dear ones and emergency for seeking help. However, by installing hurricane shutters, the damages of natural calamities may be minimized, but even after installing hurricane shutters, kids and elders may experience trauma, due to anxiety. Thus, it is best to seek professional help in their matter.Nevertheless, the life appears to come back to normal in those areas that did witness the fury of the Nature, but the aftermath of such destructive storms never remain restricted to financial losses and loss of human lives. The losses go beyond that and there are too many things that lies beneath the obvious lose. It is mental trauma experienced by the people that are among one of the worst repercussions of the deadly storms. Especially, little kids and old-aged people find it difficult to cope up with the traumatic memories. These two categories go through the worst feelings including panic, anxiety, hopelessness and despair, during witnessing the storm. The intensity of the feelings is too much that even after the storm is over, they sink in the depression, fearing that what if in near future, they witness something similar. It gives birth to various psychological problems. Due to constant worry, their emotional health begins to deteriorate, which in turn, leaves a negative impact on their physical health.

It is even worst for the old-aged people because in advanced countries like U.S. the majority of the elder people live alone without their children. Due to weak physical health, they already find it difficult to do daily chores and during the critical situations like hurricanes, etc, their condition becomes although more pathetic. We all know that old age is such a situation where most of the people are dependent on others, in some or the other way. Either they are emotionally dependent or they are physically dependent. They fall in the most vulnerable category. It has been observed that two kinds of category including little kids and elder require professional help to overcome devastating memories.

It is comparatively much easier for the little kids to take out their feelings of uneasiness by crying or by showing irritation, but elderly find it difficult to express their emotions freely due to their ego. Instead of expressing freely in words, about the trauma, they begin complaining of headache, stomach upset and other kinds of physical ailments. Even factual information corroborates with the same belief that elderly people suffer the worst. It was revealed in a position paper which came out from the American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry that after the distressing Katrina storm, elderly people were the one who had highest mortality rates, suicide rates and did witness health decline